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On: 2007 / 06 / 11
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I'm currently giving a new plugin a try: Odiogo's Listen Button converts your posts to an audio file, ready to be downloaded, podcasted, or just played from within the page while you're reading it.

A few years ago I had tried something similar, but it sort of sucked: you needed to register first in order to play audio files. Hopefuly Odiogo gets it right and anybody can listen to your blogging.

The plugin itself is as simple as it can be. Follow these instructions to get their activate-and-forget plugin (it may currently take a few hours before you receive the needed activation email, but they're working to improve this), and you're reading to podcast yourself away. Their system seems to support many languages, and the English text-to-speech generation at least looks pretty decent to me.

I'm not a podcast fan (and I must say I find it usually pretty boring) but at the moment I find this plugin on my own blog quite amusing and, why not, useful.

  • It's fun to hear what you've just typed
  • For me not being an English native speaker, it's always good to practice a bit :Þ
  • I'm pretty sure it can actually improve one's writing style: weird sentences cannot be missed when heard, and it's easier to detect unwanted typos or repetitions repetitions (hey, this one was intended of course)

We'll see how I will be using or not this plugin in the long run. I guess my next post with code snippets should be particularly lame in an audio file, for instance (hey Odiogo team, suggestion ! Support something like <!–no-odiogo–>some text<!–/no-odiogo–> to manually exclude some parts from the generated speech)

What do you think ? Like it ? Hate it ? Don't give a sh1t ? (yes, I'm testing their leetspeak abilities too). Anyway, expect this plugin to pop in a number of WordPress blogs. I'm predicting it a fair success! What you say? Excuse, I cannot hear you over the sound of how hip I am…

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11 Blablas

  1. Steve says:

    I've already signed up for this Odiogo goodie. Waiting for them to contact me "shortly"…

  2. Steve says:

    Turns out that Odiogo will never get back to me …

  3. Ozh says:

    Steve » did you try to contact them directly? (support@odiogo or something)

  4. bob says:

    Sign-up are processed within 24 hours. We checked internally and don't have any sign-up originating from 'Steve'. What is your blog url, or even better, contact us directly


  5. Steve says:

    Ozh, I just sent them an e-mail, will let you know what happens.

    Hello Bob, please kindly check again if is included in your database. Many thanks.

  6. armouf says:

    hey, ozh, c'est la même technologie que sur agoravox ? Ca marche plutot bien leur truc.

  7. Steve says:

    Hello Ozh, now my blog has a voice as well :-D Many thanks to you and Bob.

  8. Antoine says:

    Very cool! Do you know whether this exists for French too? (I guess it's a bit more difficult than for English though). Otherwise, I'll have to post (more) in English…

  9. trying to figure out what you did to get your listen now button to the bottom of the post(s). I have the Odiogo plugin which works great but… I just spent a lot of time on my site setting up to have Headspace use excerpts of my content as meta descriptions and with the button right at the top of the post its literally stealing all my descriptions – bwahhh!

  10. well… for anyone that's interested… (and OZH has obviously already figured it out…) if you edit the Odiogo plugin (deactivate it first) and change $odiogo_adv_options['manually_insert_listennow_link'] = false; to "true" and place *inside the loop* (I placed it at the bottom just before "related content"…) then you can move the "listen now" button.

  11. comment editor didnt like the php… use php and enclose odiogo_listennow();

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