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On: 2007 / 06 / 26
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When the day slowly finishes, when kids have gone to bed and the dishwasher is purring, is my usual end-of-day routine is about reading my mails, answering some, and have a look at popular links.

And every few days, I just feel like I'm trapped in a space-time continuum distortion, and again comes that feeling of déjà-vu. Same 2¢ link & screenshot collection so many people feel compelled to post: yet another list of usable / gorgeous / flexible / scalable / unseen /whatever WordPress themes. (With, of course, 80% of themes you've already seen before in the 445 previous lists, mostly because they indeed are usable or gorgeous or whatever)

List of Lists of WordPress themes

So if you are really desperate for traffic on your blog, there's no need to be original or actually produce content yourself, just recycle and post it too : your own "Top 20 Most Gorgeusabilistic WordPress Themes Ever" (don't forget the "Ever").

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