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On: 2007 / 06 / 13
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My good ole friend Arma, busy lawyer during the day, has opened another blog and now writes about random things he likes on My Review. Bon Jovi's fans will like his preview of their upcoming album, Lost Highway.

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  1. armouf says:

    yeah, is da best site in da world

    roxor hgh lvl

  2. My Review says:

    Lost highway by Bon Jovi…

    Bon Jovi's next album, Lost Highway, is due to be released on june 19th. The german site lets you preview all the tracks of the album (real media format). So, what's in it ?
    Well, 13 tracks mostly full of acoustic guitars and n…

  3. Bill Younger says:

    I think his old stuff blows away anything he's done lately. Sometime you just have to know when enough's enough and retire.


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