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On: 2007 / 05 / 22
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I've been using CSSTidy lately, and I like it a lot. This is a pretty cool software that optimizes CSS files so that they are smaller and cleaner. It comes with a bunch of options and is available in Linux, OSX and Windows flavors.

CSSTidy context menu I'm running Windows on my test computer, and I made a convenient right click context menu on CSS files so I can clean them in one click. Here's how I did it:

  1. Download CSSTidy of course, and put the executable file csstidy.exe in, say, d:\utils\csstidy\
  2. Create the following file csstidy.bat in the same directory :
    1. @echo off
    2. if "%1"=="" goto notok
    4. copy %1 %~d1%~p1%~n1.orig%~x1
    5. d:\utils\csstidy\csstidy.exe %1 --preserve_css=false --remove_bslash=false --compress_colors=true --lowercase_s=true --timestamp=false --remove_last_;=true --compress_font-weight=true --allow_html_in_templates=false --silent=false --case_properties=1 --sort_properties=false --merge_selectors=0 --sort_selectors=false --template=default %1
    6. goto end
    8. :notok
    9. echo Missing parameter: no filename !
    10. pause
    12. :end

    This bat file is a wrapper that will first backup your myfile.css to myfile.orig.css, then call csstidy.exe with pretty standard options: remove comments, remove indents, keep the file readable, etc…

  3. Now let's add the neato context menu to .css files :
    • Open the Control Panel and choose Folder Options. Select the 'File Types' tab, and look for the 'CSS' item. Click on 'Advanced', then click on 'New…'
    • In 'Action', type 'CSSTidy', and in 'Application used to perform action', enter the following command:
      1. d:\utils\csstidy\csstidy.bat "%1"

You're done ! It even works the same if you select multiple CSS files, right-click and pick CSSTidy in the context menu. Of course, remember to change the paths to reflect your own installation.

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