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On: 2007 / 04 / 30
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My latest musical craze is a damn funny metallish band named Bloodhound Gang. Their music really fits my taste, with a lot of heavy and fat guitars, but once you pay attention to lyrics, you cannot help but smile, then laugh, then play it again :)

The band really gives the impression they're doing all this for fun, their music, their website and their silly contests on it, nothing looks serious and done before having a few good beers. You can even listen to their music right from their site. For a quicker tour, check a few samples on (where I discovered about them)

By the way, just wondering… Since you can listen to their music for free on their site, how illegal would it be to bitdownloadtorrent every mp3 you could find ? Especially considering that they're selling everything (hats, posters, panties) but music…

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