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On: 2007 / 04 / 21
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Hello world !

It was rather long (damn, 3 months already ? time flies !) but I think it's all done now : I've moved my blog here. Welcome (back) to planetOzh, version 4 ! My Technorati suicide (so long, rank 200 or so) is commited : new look, new domain, new evewyfing !

I planned, initially, to just modify a bit my previous theme, but the more I was trying to tweak CSS or PHP bits here and there, the more I was bored with it. I wanted more space, less stuff, I needed some refreshing change. I'm rather satisfied with my new theme, I hope you will like it too. Well, at least I hope you won't hate it :)

I added a few interesting features. My favorite two :

  • Gallery ajaxification : 4 random images are pulled off my yet-to-be-moved gallery and you can get another set of random images without reloading the page (wow, cross domain ajax, leet !)
  • Adsense : I think this theme will perform much less from an Adsense point of view, and regular visitors won't be served any ad. What's a regular visitor, you ask ? At the moment I've configured it to be someone who came here at least 3 times, and within the last month

The moving process itself was just as cumbersome and boring as expected. Changing server, domain, path, permalink structure, everything at once, was a matter of gazillions of little stuff to take care of. Hopefully, I took some interesting note while moving, I shall write them down some day.

Next step : hack the hell out of .htaccess rewrite rules so that everything on nicely maps to ! Expect major breakage on my old blog :P

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5 Blablas

  1. rxbbx says:

    Much better design as the old one. Wiki link still there :)

  2. KickMe says:

    welcome back :)

  3. Joe says:

    Nice update!

  4. BB2k says:

    Welcome back online !
    (mais bordel moi les gravatars ils marchent pas ! =))

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