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On: 2007 / 01 / 12
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Sorry for the frequent down time these past few days. The apache and mysql daemons are randomly dying, my sysadmin suspects that someone is triggering some bug or exploit somewhere but he cannot hunt this sucker down. As soon as I find an ounce of courage and a few spare hours, I think I'll eventually move my WordPress blog to, which hasn't been really anything but a web placeholder for years now. Hey, it's even got PR6 :)

A few things have kept me from moving my blog for quite some time now. I have here a free, unlimited, unmetered and uncapped hosting with any feature I could dream of (except root access maybe), but it has come to a point that's really annoying and where annoyances surpass benefits of this hosting.

In short, again, sorry for the downtimes :)

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  1. Lorelle says:

    You are not alone in this issue. The same thing is happening to me and I'm going to be moving hosts. The reasons are multi-fold. First, the Ultimate Tag Warrior and a few other Plugins, especially older versions of translation Plugins and others, lost their "off switch", so to speak, when WordPress developers changed some underlying code that turned off database access for WordPress Plugins which didn't know how to place nice. They need to learn to play nicely with your WordPress blog and database.

    This opened but did not close a lot of the database connections which brought down many shared host databases by going over their limit for access per hour. An hour later, it would be up and working again, until the max was hit, and then down for an hour for the database count to reset. PAIN.

    So make sure that you did more than just move but upgraded everything and consider shutting down UTW and some of the other Plugins which have not been updated accordingly. And watch your database count to see if that might be still causing problems.

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