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On: 2006 / 04 / 11
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A few months ago, Tim Yang and I released a 3 columns theme for WordPress, Problogger Clean.

For the last two or three months, Tim Yang has been experiencing various host and ISP problems, and as of today, the theme is no longer available from its "official" location. I've been asked several times for a download link, which I don't have at the moment, sorry folks.

I will try to provide an alternate mirror of the theme, once I'll put my hands on the latest version available. Sorry for those who wanted to try this great theme, stay tuned :)

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  1. lilian says:

    Hi! I wrote to Tim but expect him to be real busy. I used the Problogger previously and it rocks. After I upgraded to WP2.02, I cudn't use it anymore because of fatal error in functions.php at line 85. I deleted the theme, and re-load. It still doesn't work.

    So, meantime, I will patiently wait for the modified theme. Pssst….adsense was a lot better with problogger clean and that's why I am so keen to get the thing going. Will be watching this space!

  2. Michele says:

    I have a copy of it sitting on a server somewhere.. I could make it available, but I'm not sure about the license.

  3. Steve S. says:

    Will someone please email me a copy of the latest Problogger Clean theme?

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