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On: 2006 / 02 / 09
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Hey, I feel juvenile today. Over at Alvin Woon's there's a post that made me smile and made me remember one or two pleasant things from my "youth". Ok, I'm not that old, but it's too late for me to write about "25 women I have to date in my lifetime". So how about the "25 women I would have liked to date in my lifetime" ? :)

  • the hippie
  • the twin
  • the funny one
  • the Goddess of sex
  • the devoted kind
  • the teary angel
  • the confused bisexual
  • the honest and humble
  • the suicidal depressive
  • the hot but doesnt know she is hot type (or pretends to be)
  • the heartbreaker
  • the novelist
  • the actress
  • the shy girl
  • the sweet one
  • the romantic
  • the rich bitch
  • the drum-playing girl
  • the gothical
  • the anorexic
  • the bulimic
  • the geek girl
  • the stranger who doesn't speak a word of my language and whose language I don't understand
  • the mommy girl
  • the next door girl

Now… The funny thing would be that one of my readers would be one of these girls and would ask for details about her "category" :)

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  1. marcoss says:

    There should be some kind of standard, like a microfromat or something to get them categorized :P

    ps: the next door girl, really?

  2. alvin says:

    You've dated a suicidal depressive before? That's awesome dude! I mean…you know.

    Anyway yeah i'm releasing a theme and I think i might have figured out a way to do the upload thing using your awesome theme toolkit. Will keep you posted.

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