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On: 2006 / 01 / 19
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Doh. DOH. DOH.

While working on a WordPress test install on this server, I accidentally deleted all posts and comments here. Blame the hardcoded 'wp_posts' in the script I was fiddling with. The freshest backup I had was from 3 weeks old, so obviously I've lost quite a few things in the meantime, including probably a few worthy posts about my latest plugins. Oh well. Shit happens, they say :)

Update: weee, I was able to recover bigger posts using Google's cache version of the missing pages. Ain't that cool ? :)

Update 2: … and the rest from Bloglines. Who needs backup ? :P

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3 Blablas

  1. cous says:

    What a wonderfull website !!!

    Dire que je suis tombé sur ce site en faisant une recherche google dans le cadre du travail (j'oserais presque dire "agree" avec v|nce à propos du script de process zombie d'ailleur) ;)

    Tient au passage bonne année

  2. NyKo says:

    et les commentaires, tu les recup aussi ?

    n00b !

  3. Ozh says:

    cous » \o/

    Shyko » osef.

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