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On: 2005 / 12 / 10
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I use Technorati a bit. I've found "geekerati" in an article I've just read. I've also come across "blogerati" a few days ago. I could guess the approximate meaning of the -(e)rati suffix, but I needed something more accurate, which I've found at Wordspy:

-rati (RAT.ty) suffix. Indicates the intelligentsia or the elite of a particular group.

The original is literati: the literary intelligentsia or the educated class (the literate intelligentsia). Variations on the theme include digerati (digital intelligentsia), journarati (journalism intelligentsia), cinerati (cinema intelligentsia), and Liberati (Liberace intelligentsia).

Now I feel much more civilized :) (And while I am at it, let me coin a few words so that I'm the first one to use them : wordpresserati, pluginerati.)

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    Thanks for the post. Just the one I need.

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