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On: 2005 / 12 / 05
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There is an interesting hack over at HTnet using my own WordPress Theme Toolkit to display feeds from other sites. That's what I love with coding : make things that do smart stuff, then smart people use them to do smarter stuff :)

Speaking of this Theme Toolkit : initial release is not compatible with upcoming WordPress 2.0, but as soon as this is released, I'll published a slightly updated version that works. If you're working on a theme and need to be WP 2.0 compliant as soon as possible, please get in touch.

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  1. Azmeen says:

    Hey Ozh… Thanks for the pimpin'!

    I'm still experimenting with WordPress Theme Toolkit… there're really a lot of cool things you can do with it.

    Thanks for sharing your evention… sure made my theming life easier.

  2. BB2k says:

    That's everybody calls 'opensource' =)

  3. Thanks for sharing your evention… sure made my theming life easier.

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