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On: 2005 / 12 / 20
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At work ? Cannot access some website because your corporate proxy says it's forbidden / unsecure / porn / games related ? No more ! If your proxy is not blocking Google, which is probably the case, then you can virtually access any website with the following address :|en&

It just loads a webpage via Google's translation service, and translate it from english to… english. Of course this works the same with langpair=fr|fr, it|it etc.. Chances are images, .css files and such will be blocked, but you will be able to read the content at least.

I've had a few mails from folks who could not read my blog because their work proxy was denying access with reason "Games related" (which is not that stupid, it's hosted on a game site actually). This could be handy. My corporate proxy does not block anything so I cannot test, but I imagine you could also add any feed to your feed reader (probably with the direct URL of the lower frame of the Google translated page)

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  1. Geek/2 says:

    […] Saltando las "seguridades" en la red de la oficina: Google como web proxy […]

  2. Help me get around my school blocker becuase i wanna use myspace and so do my friends.

  3. Web Geek says:

    I've tried this before and it won't work for me. Do you have another solution?

  4. doug says:

    I need to get on youtube form my school??

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  6. donperry@jamaica says:

    a better way for english pages is to use|en&

    notice the es|en since google no longer supports english to english transation…i wonder why

  7. smit says:

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