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On: 2005 / 12 / 22
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Browser Speed Comparison: this is a very interesting article and benchmark roundup with every browser available today on Linux, Windows and Mac (MSIE, Safari, Firefox, KDE, Opera etc….)

The author went through several timed tests (cold start, warm start, rendering…) and results are partly predictable, partly surprising (to me at least)

As I expected, tests show that Firefox is incredibly wickedly unbearably damn slow. Takes ages to boot, takes ages to render anything. Of course, on Windows, MSIE is faster than Firefox since it's more or less embedded in the OS and "loaded in memory", but surprisingly enough, Firefox is also outperformed by most browsers on Linux. For some reason I've always thought it was faster on Linux.
The most surprising results, to me, are how Opera browsers perform : quickest browsers on almost every test.

On the Mac platform, Safari seems to be doing very well. I've never had a chance to test this browser yet, but given these tests and what I can read about its standard compliancy, this makes me wish they had a Windows version for me to play with…

Of course, speed is not everything and there are many more criteria to judge a browser from : security, usability, web standards support, developping community, etc… But this makes a very insteresting read anyway.

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  1. gines says:

    Hi, I'm interesting in seeing the comparison table of CMS. Have you did something of this? I need it to do a report of CMS. I Think WordPress is better than MT. Cold you send me it to my mail address?


  2. Ozh says:

    How about… like…. *READING* the post you're commenting ??

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