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On: 2005 / 10 / 23
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I've been hardly writing anything on a computer for the last few days… A few mail replies, nothing more. Blame the microbes ! I'm ill and I've spent the last 4 days doing nothing but sleeping, try to watch a divx, then sleep again. This has been boring beyond description. The good news is I'm feeling better now, should be ok by Monday. The bad news is, by Monday my wife's parents will be here, spending a whole week. Life sucks sometimes.

As an aside, here is something funny : Flapart, selling alternate book covers (a cover that reads something like "Do-It-Yourself Liposuction")

I've been doing something similar for years now, actually since I began working : on my office desk, there is always a thick book with a cover that reads something really serious (and completely unrelated to my job) about accountancy or nuclear physics. These are real books I find on some abandoned shelf, or that people even bring me. I cannot tell you how effective it is on people who don't know you :)

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