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On: 2005 / 09 / 07
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Worpdress Optimized ? Ho Ho !Here is the Adsense I noticed on my own site, and that instantly catched my eyes. "Someone buying ads to promote plugins ?". I had to check it out : clicki, vidi, laughi.

Top 10 WordPress Tricks (hey, my first rel="nofollow" link, I hope it actually works) offers tips and plugins to optimize WordPress for only $37 ! I wonder how many free stuff from the Codex or they are trying to make money from, but that really seemed pathetic to me. Not to mention that so-called satisfied customers linked on this page run … Blogspot sites :)

Anyway, I understand that there is a market for this kind of tips, so why not try to make some profit for myself ? People ! For only $30 I'll give you a link to my WordPress plugins ! (Limited Time Offer)

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  1. jafer says:

    Ok, where do I sign up for that great $30 deal? And is that American $ or Canadian?

  2. Ozh says:

    It's americanadian $ ! but they cost twice as much :/

  3. Redempteur says:

    wordpress sux, juste use geeklog.

    I love these stupiditys, like mac sux, use PC… etc.


    (scuse the fotes of orthographe).

  4. Marco says:

    Maybe I'm weird but what's wrong with offering commercial service / consultancy / advice on open source products?

    Sure, maybe they've used knowledge from all kinds of websites but don't we all do that? I wrote a book on PHP5 (in Dutch) and I've used the internet as a source of information as well. Does it mean I plagiarized anyone? Of course not. Does it mean it's weird that I earn money on free software? Of course not!

    Think about it…

  5. Ozh says:

    Marco, don't get me wrong, I see nothing wrong with what you say :)

    But have a look at the site I'm mentionning here : it looks everything but serious consultancy. It looks damn cheap (I mean, so-called satisfied customers run blogspot blogs !) so I bet their so-called tips are nothing but common sense you'd find after a 10 minute Google search.

    Their page really look like any other "10 tips to become a millionaire" internet spam crap. It just cannot be something valueable. Or someone proves me wrong and buy their guide for me :)

  6. Mihai Postelnicu says:

    It's actually amazing that there still are sites like that. Like "Become a millionaire in 5 simple steps" – to follow your exemple – and other great ways to dramaticly improve your life by taking just a few steps and paying some change to a nice person that is only trying to help you reach the hights he's reached.

    But, more amazing is the huge amount of emptyheadedpeople that buys this stuff. If there were no buyers there would be no such stupid offers. They just sell what the market demands… like a chance to give money in order to recive advices like "To win A Big Prize at Lottery invest 100000 euros in tickets".

    Great! Now, I've found this website during a search for optimizing WordPress (loading time). Anyway, Cheers Mates and excuse me for my poor English. :)

  7. mokka mohan says:

    what are the plugins available with u..
    just dont want to pay again n again for the same thing thts why..

    Mokka Mohan

  8. trigunner7 says:

    I also wanted to know your list of used plugins to improve my blog. I've been looking for some means to improve my google rankings.

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