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On: 2005 / 09 / 13
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Some people are six figure bloggers. Not too bad. You know what ? I'm a four figure blogger !

Of course I'm not speaking about my Adsense earnings :) (Should I say "unfortunately" ? Honestly, no, varying Adsense inclusions here are just experiments, I don't need and don't even try to make any money from a blog that costs me no money)
No, I'm talking about something much more important than money : useless, irrelevant, personal satisfaction and egoturbation !

Last night I broke a symbolic barrier on Technorati, where I'm now listed with a rank lower than 10 000 ! Woohoo ! As of writing, I'm ranking 8.671. Maybe I can now brag a bit about this with colleagues who have no clue about what a blog is :Þ

Next goal : become a three figure blogger ! I'm here talking about my feed reader counter which is about to reach 100. Life is so more enjoyable when you can afford being enthusiast and rejoice about inconsequential minor details :)

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  1. Shirazi says:

    But I am still a two fig blogger ;-) What do you say? Nce post that I enjoyed.

  2. Marco says:

    Whoah I really wonder how you can get six-figure adsense revenues without spamming or anything…

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