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On: 2005 / 08 / 31
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As previously announced here, today is Blog Day (3108 = Blog), and bloggers are invited to share a bit of their blogroll and "promote" 5 blogs they like to spend their time on. So, here I go ! Or "c'est parti" should I say, since a few of the following links will be French ones.

The three first blogs I want to pass along belong to the "Personnal Blogs" folder of my feed reader. A bit like my own site, these are not famous renowned weblogs, and I am pleased to have a chance to "promote" them a bit (if being linked from my blog can ever be considered as a promotion)

  • Dew: déjà blogué, déjà lié, déjà newsé, c'est l'une de mes lectures incontournables le matin. Rien qu'une fois par jour, mais une fois chaque jour. J'apprécie l'humour et le talent artistique associés.
  • dju`: one of my virtual buddies. Formerly my Linux guru who in return asked me from times to times a few tips about Perl regexp, and someone I've had numerous IRC queries with about programming in general, dju` has the potential to become one of my favorite bloggers : good writing skills, centers of interest that meet mine. But I guess he's just too lazy, or just not interested in writing about himself :)
    I hope listing him as one of my 5 shared blogs will be an incentive for him to blog more :Þ
  • Polo : again someone I wish was more active on his blog :) I've virtually met Polo in the French Quakosphere via a community site I run, and I have loved litterally everything he's done, from Quake maps to web design and PHP programming. He is a nice artist, but he is too discret. Share more damnit !

The two remaining sites are widely known already, and don't really need my introducing. So I will focus more on why I read them and like them every time they update.

  • Tim Yang: Tim writes twice or three times a day, about "online stuff". What I like is, not being myself an IT nor anything computer related professionnal, his articles sound simple and smart to me. I have been a fellow reader since he wrote a famous post entitled 15 things you can do with RSS, and for the past few weeks we've had an exciting collaboration for an upcoming WordPress theme with neat features.
    I like when Tim asks "Hey Ozh, how could I do this so it would do that ?" and when I come up with a clean, modular and simple PHP solution :)
  • Jeremy Zawodny's Blog: who doesn't read and know Jeremy of Yahoo fame ? What I like there is that whenever it's about comparing Google and Yahoo, Jeremy is always smart, wise, and unbiased. Well, as unbiased he can reasonnably be, anyway :) This blog made me discover about some very interesting features of Yahoo. More generally, I like the way he writes about things and he looks like the kind of person I would really like to meet in real life.

This was my contribution to . Happy Blog Day to you too :P

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2 Blablas

  1. Tim says:

    Thanks for the referal, Ozh!

  2. Polo says:

    Merci, j'ai mon lien sur planetOzh, c'est le début de la gloire!

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