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On: 2005 / 05 / 02
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A few personal, useless and irrelevant Google facts and results :

  • As of writing I'm number one result for sux0rz, which is an unexpected side effect of my re-filing all my posts under new categories. Lots of categories.
  • I'm also number 1 result for funny fraises (fraises is strawberries in French), which brings a daily (small) number of hits onto a post about some silly mIRC scripting. I wonder what these guys are looking for, by the way…
  • The Wikipedia page for Online Poker is still ranking #2, this hasn't change for quite a while now. Is #1 spot unreachable ?
  • I officially declare this week the week of my overtaking #1 spot in Google's images for Ozh. Really, this is unbearable.

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