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On: 2005 / 04 / 11
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I wanted to give Yahoo 360 (invite only social blogging network, an Orkut with blogs) a try so I could have a look at its features and maybe write a small review on it… But my opinion was made in about 5 minutes : it sucks. End of review.

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  1. Yoda-BZH says:


  2. BATAILLE says:

    Super espace de liberté ! enfin du nouveau, quel est le génie qui a mis ça en place !! félicitations à l'équipe dirigeante Yahoo vous êtes supers !!

  3. I would not completely agree with that conclusion. Yahoo 360 has its frustrations, and some outrageously boneheaded design choices built in, such as long, scrambled urls that thwart Technorati when the latter goes looking for links to posts. But having a 360 blog also tends to get one past one huge hurdle with any new site – getting those first few links, when nobody has heard of your site, yet. Chicken and the egg, right?

    While I would never replace my journal at Blogger with my 360 blog, I do find it to be a valuable add-on, even if I do get a little annoyed when, for example, for no clear reason a remotely linked photo refuses to let itself be embedded in the text, even when the proper table coding is being used, and finding that support doesn't offer much support. That last part seriously sucks, but I've found that to be standard throughout the Internet, even at my primary ISP – and I'm paying those guys! People should care more about doing their jobs right, but that's how the world works these days.

    One deals, and in the case of Yahoo 360 – one could do worse. I haven't gotten any dramatic notices from them announcing the impending cancellation of my noncommercial blog for spambusting purposes, for example. There is plenty of fertilizer to be found everywhere.

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