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On: 2005 / 04 / 20
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My goal for the next days : get a Flickr Pro account.
Woohoo. I was precisely writing this when I wanted to check the Flickr Pro URL, and noticed a new message in my account : wuzzat ? somebody gave me a Pro account ! Should I believe in telepathy ?

Thank you Hockadilly ! Now, with 2 gigs of uploads per month and unlimited storage, I could do a bit more than just testing and tooling around with it. What, I don't know yet, but I could do something :)

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  1. BOK says:

    Did I miss something..? Are some of these Pro Accounts free or is mr(s). Hockadilly a philanthropist and does (s)he likes your blog and coding a lot?

  2. Ozh says:

    Yep, you missed something :)

    These Pro Accounts (unlimited storage, 2 Gb/month of upload) are not free (the free account is limited to a few Mb of upload and storage, and has a limited number of features)
    But the cool thing is, whoever bought a Pro account in the early days of Flickr, have been given a few Pro accounts to give away to friends. Ain't Flickr a nice company ? :)

    So, my generous sponsor Hockadilly aka Barbara decided she would give me one. Why, well, she told me it was because she added once a picture of mine in her "favorite" list. So yes, you could say that she's probably a philanthropist. Or maybe just a philozhist ? :-P

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