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On: 2005 / 03 / 23
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Funny. The #1 hit in Google for referer bot download returns a download page which points to… a WordPress blog.

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  1. Dave M. says:

    Did you read the post on his site about it. He wrote the program as a proof of concept. Looking at the source code might allow developers of tools to prevent referral spam to better defeat them.

    I'll probably download it for the heck of it. May learn something…

  2. Ozh says:

    well, a sufficient proof of concept is a 3 line telnet script, I don't see the point of releasing a whole program doing this. His page doesn't provide the binaries, ok, but the download page pointing to his site apparently used to :)

    Anyway, I "know" Elliot is a fellow WP user and hacker now. I just found quite, well, suspect, to have one's website listed on a page providing referer spam bot.

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