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On: 2005 / 02 / 28
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First, and probably last, Calvin and Hobbes Bash Script of the Day :

  1. for year in `seq 85 95`; do
  2.   for month in `seq 1 12 | sed -e 's/^\(.\)$/0\1/'`; do
  3.     for day in `seq 1 31 | sed -e 's/^\(.\)$/0\1/'`; do
  4.       wget -b "$year/ch$year$month$day.gif";
  5.     done;
  6.   done;
  7. done;

… or manually browse the complete Calvin and Hobbes archive from 85 to 95, one strip a day, while it's online. Copyright infrigement ? You did not read this here.

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5 Blablas

  1. Yoda-BZH says:

    for month in `seq -w 1 12`;do


  2. Dave M. says:

    Thanks for that script! I was shocked to see the original site had gone away. Then I saw it was back somewhere else. Now I won't have to worry about it. I have all the images myself.

    That script was a little scary at first though. I was afriad that my webhost would pull the plug on it or something. It screamed! Hoever, I'm copying the last of the images to my computer, then I'll zap-em.

    I love Calvin & Hobbes, this will really be great!

  3. Ozh says:

    Thanks Yoda ;)

  4. Kimberly says:

    How can I find a copy of the the C&H where Calving asks Hobbes about humar nature – if it's good or evil? I'd like to get a copy for my pastor!



  5. Mark Vice says:

    I love it!

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