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On: 2005 / 01 / 14
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I bought myself a nice printer, Canon Pixma iP4000R, with the intention of using it under Linux as well as under Windows, even though Canon printers are far from being the best choice when it comes to Linux (to be honest, when I saw "Ethernet / Wifi connection", I went "OoOOoow" and couldn't change my mind, it had to be *this* printer :)

For my own (and anyone interested) reference, here is what I used.

First off, I've tried to get Turboprint drivers working. It was half of a success : I managed to get the free version of the drivers working, but they add a laaaarge "Turboprint" logo whenever you print something. Turboprint licenses are about 25 €/$. No way. I've even tried a errrrm you know try-before-you-buy license key found somewhere in the internet, but even when it said I had the registered version, I couldn't get it to remove the logo.

After googling a bit more, here is what I've used and how I've set it up.

  • I've installed japanese drivers for the i860 under linux, found here :
    Didn't really know what I need, so I installed bjfilter860-1.3-1.i386.rpm, bjfiltercom-1.3-1.i386.rpm, bjfiltercups-2.4-0.i386.rpm, and bjfilterpixus860i-2.4-0.i386.rpm
  • Using the web interface of CUPS, I've added a new printer, with the following specs :
    • Name : whatever you want, mine is IP4000R (how original)
    • Location and Description : optional, whatever you want
    • Device : I chose "Appsocket / Jetdirect", and then for URI I use : socket://
    • Drivers : Canon, then Pixus i860

w00t ! Remote ethernet Canon iP4000R printer now working \o/

The web interface of CUPS seems to be capped at 600 DPI with these drivers. To print at higher resolution, call bjcups and its own configuration panel : bjcups -P IP4000R <optional filename>

As for now, I've not found yet how to invoke this panel from a desktop application such as Open Office or Gimp… (but since I almost never use desktop application, I guess it's ok :)

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  1. Kumy says:


    your last post afread me !!! Does this printer works correctly on linux ?

    I will buy "it had to be *this* printer :)" !!!

    Have you try to use the ppd files (for mac) given on the CD ?

    Please let me know !


  2. Ozh says:

    Yes, my printer works fine with my Linux box… Can't remember what was on the CD, I ditched it since it was of no use for me :)

  3. Santa says:

    Mine one (iP4000R) is also working fine under FC-2. But I'm using BJC-7400 driver instead, I think, which comes default with Fedora (I'm not sure though). I can use the printer from OpenOffice but I didn't try Gimp yet.

  4. JimE says:

    I have a question about the iP4000R What information can you get from
    it by accessing it via its built-in web server ? I love the printer,
    but without the Canon Windows software how can you tell which ink needs changing when the LED starts flashing ???



  5. Ozh says:

    Hmm, good point, hadn't think about this. However, I guess that I'll never know

  6. JimE says:

    Ah, but if I asked nicely, and if the printer is still there and connected via the network, you could point a Windows browser at it ! Please :-)



  7. Ozh says:

    Oh yes, sorrry, forgot that part of the question. Unfortunately, the web built-in interface, once you're smart enough to guess how to display it in english instead of japanese, allows only basic network configuration, and is not a driver setup or printer managing page.

  8. JimE says:

    Domo arrigato, merci beaucoup, danke and of course thanks :-)

    I do not like the answer, which says that Canon is "cheap and
    nasty", but I am very grateful to have the answer in English,
    not Japanese, so quickly when Canon support does not know the
    answer :-)

    I think I will "buy it and try it" using wine to load the Windows
    software under Linux :-)

    Thanks again !


  9. puff da magic dragon says:

    If you have a router to maintain your printer and your network connections, use the address the router assigns the printer followed by the port number 9100 (eg. instead of for the socket address). Its best if you can get your router to set the same IP address for your printer everytime it connects. As far as I know, Netgear routers have this feature… don't know about others. If you can't do this, everytime your printer/router reboots, you'll get a different address.

    Hope thats useful to anyone,

  10. David Dillon says:

    Your site is impressive!

    I am trying tp print from Xandros linux to a Canon i860 printer attached to a Windows Xp laptop via a Linksys wireless router. I have the wireless network running OK (I can open shared files in either direction).

    Following your suggestion, I downloaded the four .rpm files that you listed. After installing them, the Canon i860 driver appeared in the Canon driver menu associated with the printer installation sequence in Xandros and the driver appears to install properly.

    Everything seems to be in order, except that nothing actually prints. That is, I can open a text file and "print" it to the Canon printer without any error message, delay, or other mishap on the Xandros side, but nothing comes in to the printer queue on the Windows side.

    Do you have a hint how I might attack this problem? I am (obviously) a tyro at Linux.

    Regards and thanks

  11. Ozh says:

    David » sorry not to be of any help, I have no idea and have quit using Linux as a desktop computer long ago.

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