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On: 2005 / 01 / 25
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I like to make panoramas from several pictures. Well ok, I made only one as of today, but I have a lot to do for my upcoming album, trip to the USA during last may :P

And on this topic, I just found an amazing piece of software : Autostitch, which in one mouse click gathers several pictures into one panorama, correctly handling distortions and light changes. No matter the order of your pictures. From left to right. Clockwise. Demonstration …

5 images …

5 images from Zion

… to Autostitch …


… And 1 click later : 1panorama

Zion, Utah, USA

Panorama as generated by the software, unprocessed afterwards (no cropping, nothing). Of course, my sister having thought it would be fun to move while I was shooting, the merging of these 2 pictures produces something a bit weird. But overall, the result is pretty good, especially given the fact that all it needed was a single click ….

This software Autostitch is a freeware, weights 600kb. Except maybe for a linux version supporting batch processing of several panoramas from the command line, I'm not sure I can ask for something better :)

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  2. spee/deep says:

    Autostich will run on Linux using Wine. Make sure Wine is installed, then:

    wine autostitch.exe

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