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On: 2004 / 12 / 04
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Been comment spammed again, this time with 380 comments about casino and poker. I am or have been trying several anti-spam plugins, but alas trying to protect from spam is an endless and hopeless war, it's just a matter of how much time you have to delete crap.
I think I will probably stop pinging update services such as pingomatic before all this crap ruins my blogging experience…

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  1. I can feel your pain… But since you're a ninja, did you give the 'Spam Karma' plugin a go? It works a treat for the vast majority of comment spam I receive, anyway!

  2. cjp says:

    I'm being hit hard (though not as badly as you, prob because I don't anywhere as many posts on my site to hit) by what I guess is the same spammer, I've installed Kitten's Spaminator plugin and it really works for me, I simply get an email notification saying the spam has been caught and deleted. I think if I get another heaving period I might simply turn off this notifcation during the "storm". I really don't see what the spammer is trying acheive though, it's not as though my site is even popular enough to be worth spamming! At least I don't think it is…. yet ;-)

  3. Ozh says:

    Any site is good for a spammer, it increases the probability for their spam to last a few seconds more somewhere on the internet :P

  4. Adam M. says:

    I highly recommend Kitten's Spaminator. I've been using it for almost a month with great results.

  5. Ozh says:

    That's the one I'm using currently, yes.

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