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On: 2004 / 10 / 05
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I found a lot of ways and hacks to integrate your delicious links into a page, but I wanted to fetch all links for a given set of tags, not just mine, so I wrote my own hack : introducing, yet another php hack ! is a tag filter for : it produces a page with links from selected tags, allows to integrate links for one or more tags into an existing page, limited to a specified "freshness" (links of the day ? of the hour ?), and comes with gazillions of options. If you are a WordPress user, it is also able to directly post into your database to, say, run the script daily at fixed hour and print links on a given subject right into your blog.

What for ?

I personnaly use as a starter for my click & browse session : on a given subject, ie tag, I find it a nice collection of more or less fresh links and I often find interesting sites. So I'm using the script as a delicious "digest" : filter all the unwanted tags off, display just what I want to read about and start surfing from there.

You can also integrate the resulting page into an existing one. Say for example you run a site about mp3 and games : you could print daily links on this subject. Effortless fresh content everyday :-P

Live example

Before we go on with my usual 40 page documentation, let's see the kind of results the script can output :

Etc … Easy digest of subjects that interest you, to browse from or to integrate into a page.

Ready for the installation guide & manual ? Let's go.

RSS PHP Parser of the Century Award : MagpieRSS

This hack is just a humble user of Magpier RSS, a PHP parser for RSS feeds that is truely powerful. So, first of all, you need to install it on your server. Just download the latest archive, unpack it anywhere on your site and you're done.

If it is possible, I'd recommend putting it beneath your document root (~/htdocs) along with all your shared libraries and stuff. But if not, really anywhere will do, and should someone access a file in their browser, it will have no output and no effect, so don't be afraid.

Get the script :

The script comes in two flavors : one for anyone willing to integrate links into a php page, and one for WordPress users with a few extra abilities detailed below.

Note for WordPress users: although it may look like a plugin, this is not a plugin. This is a standalone script, don't put it in your wp-content/plugins directory or, to quote a source you may have read before, the sky will fall on your head.

Configure the script

Anyone could just stop reading now, since reading the script itself will be probably enough : as usual my "work" is heavily commented and options are detailed to death. I'm just posting everything here for further reference.

First are variables you'll find in both versions. WordPress specific ones will be found below in a, guess what, WordPress section.

Magpie stuff

require_once '/home/you/magpierss/';
This is the physical path to your Magpie copy.
Note for windows users : put path like 'C:/myweb/magpierss/' (regular slashes, not antislashes)

define('MAGPIE_CACHE_ON', 1);
Use MagpieRSS built-in cache feature : this is mandatory for the sake of courtesy. You don't want to fetch a file everytime someone reads your blog, so this parameter tells Magpie to use a cached copy.
To do so, you have to create a directory where your script is, named "cache", and chmoded to something writable (0777 will do fine)
Note: If you want to cache RSS feeds in another directory, use the constant MAGPIE_CACHE_DIR (for more information, read the comments at the beginning of in your Magpie directory)

Number of seconds before a file is considered old and you fetch a fresh one. One hour seems fair if you intend to integrate the output into your blog.

Fetching options

Now onto the real core of the options. As usual, all variables (and functions) start with "wp_ozh_deli", to prevent cross reference with another script.

$wp_ozh_deli_param['tags'] = "webdesign css";
Value : a space separated list of tags
Examples : 'mp3' for all links tagged with mp3, 'php python' for all links tagged with php, and all links tagged with python.
This can be overridden by the query string (?tags=php) as on the live examples above.
Note : Although you can actually read on links with 2 or more tags (blog+css+design for example) the associated feed is not correct. So passing a parameter like 'css+blog' won't break the script, but won't produce the wanted result.

$wp_ozh_deli_param['freshness'] = 86400;
Value : an integer, number of seconds for a link to be considered printable.
Typically, if you fetch the script every 24 hours using a cronjob, set it to 86400. A few reminders : 86400s = 24h, 43200s = 12h, 21600 = 6h, 3600 = 1h.

$wp_ozh_deli_param['maxitems'] = 0;
Value : an integer, maximum number of links per feed.
This setting overrides freshness is applicable. Set to 0 (zero) if you don't want to limit : in such a case, you may hit the feed number of items as a limit, set to 30.

Output options

Next variable has a multiline syntax, be careful when editing. Starts with a ' (single quote) and ends accordingly


  1. $wp_ozh_deli_param['post'] = '
  2. : %%COUNT%% links from <a href=""></a>,
  3. on the subject of <em>%%TAGS%%</em> :
  4. <ol class="delicious">
  5. %%LINKS%%
  6. </ol>';

Value : some html code.
Note the use of 3 "templates variables" :

  • %%COUNT%% will be replaced by the number of links fetched
  • %%TAGS%% will be replaced by the list of tags you picked in a readable format, for example : "mp3, music and audio"
  • %%LINKS%% will be replaced by the links, as defined by the next parameter


  1. wp_ozh_deli_param['pattern'] = '
  2. <li style="list-style-type: decimal-leading-zero;">
  3.   <strong>&raquo;</strong>
  4.   <a href="%%url%%" title="%%description%% [%%time%%, in %%tags%%]">%%title%%</a>
  5.   <span style="font-size: 0.8em; padding-left: 1em;">%%description%%</span>
  6. </li>';

Value : some html code.
Each link fetched will replace the %%LINKS%% template with this pattern, also using a set of templates :

  • %%url%% will be replaced by link url
  • %%description%% will be replaced by link description
  • %%time%% will be replaced by the time, according to $wp_ozh_deli_param['time_display'] as explained below
  • %%tags%% will be replaced by naked gurlz. Errrr, I mean, by the list of tags of the link. Just wanted to check if someone is reading.

$wp_ozh_deli_param['time_display'] = 'elapsed';
Value : 'time' or 'elapsed'

  • 'time' : prints at what time the link was posted on delicious, e.g. "2004-09-23 05:36" (see next parameter for Date pattern)
  • 'elapsed' : print the time elapsed since the link was posted on delicious, e.g. "5h40 ago"

$wp_ozh_deli_param['time_pattern'] = 'Y-m-d H:i';
Value : a string using the same syntax as the PHP date() function.
If previous parameter set to 'time', this will control the output format of the date. For example, a value of 'Y-m-d H:i' will print "2004-09-23 05:36" (a la

$wp_ozh_deli_param['time_offset'] = 0;
Value : an integer, time offset between server and your server (not your computer)
Example : 3 means prints "15:12:23" when it's "12:12:23" on your server
Example : -2 means prints "15:12:23" when it's "17:12:23" on your server
Newbie tip: To check the time on your server, put the next line in a new file, upload on your server and read it with your browser :

  1. <?php print date("Y-m-d H:i:s"); ?>

$wp_ozh_deli_param['skip_empty'] = 0;
Value : 1 or 0.
If If your freshness & tag filter select no link, what to do ? Set to 1 not to print anything, set to 0 to print something anyway, as defined by the next parameter.

$wp_ozh_deli_param['no_entry'] = 'No entry today, sorry !';
Value: a string.
If the previous parameter is set to 0 (ie post something even if there is no link matching criteria on, this message will be printed in replacement of the links (%%LINKS%% tag in the output pattern)

WordPress Specific options

require_once './wp-blog-header.php';
This one is pretty usual. If you move somewhere from your wordpress root dir, be sure to edit this accordingly.

$wp_ozh_deli_param['more'] = 5;
Value : an integer.
Number of posts after which to place a "Read more…" break when displayed in front page

$wp_ozh_deli_param['insert_sql'] = 0;
Value : 1 or 0.
Defines if you want the result to be injected as a post in your WordPress database. Default is 0 so you won't mess with it until you're done with editing :)

$wp_ozh_deli_param['userid'] = 1;
Value : an integer
This is the User ID to post in. Usually yours, the admin's. If unsure, check and look for yours.

$wp_ozh_deli_param['category'] = 1;
Value : an integer
Category id to put your links in. If unsure, check

$wp_ozh_deli_param['allowcomments'] = 'open';
Value : 'open' or 'closed'
Allow comments on the posts ? Of course you want to. Otherwise, how would spammers get a life ? :-P

$wp_ozh_deli_param['allowpings'] = 'open';
Value : 'open' or 'closed'

$wp_ozh_deli_param['posttitle'] = '';
Value : a string, title for your posts.

$wp_ozh_deli_param['postname'] = 'daily-tagalicious';
Value : a string, defind the "post slug" as used in permalinks (/archives/2004/10/04/daily-tagalicious/)

$wp_ozh_deli_param['excerpt'] = 'Daily load of links from on: ' . $wp_ozh_deli_param['tags'];
Value : a string, defining the post excerpt.

Important note for WordPress users

If you want to use the posting feature, for example at fixed hours with a cronjob, first rename the file to something secret and personnal. You don't want any lamer in the internet come to your site and reload wp-delicious-tagalicious.php till your MySQL base dies.

Integrating output into an existing page

This is done as usual with the include php function. For example, if you rename the script to "tagalicious.php", put this into your page :

  1. <?php include("tagalicious.php"); ?>

Known bugs

I am not too sure about how it handles utf-8. I've seen a lot of links with broken utf-8 on itself, so most of the weird content you'll fetch will be original content. I've been told it also depends on the version of your Mysql installation. Sorry, couldn't test this a lot. Anyway, it should be ok 99% of the time.

The feeds on are not always up to date. It seems they are updating them every 5 minutes or so, rather than generating them on the fly. Don't panic if your output misses one or two fresh links.


That was another long documentation, wasn't it ? Of course, I'm looking for celebrity feedback, so now go play with !

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  1. kyramas says:

    Any other ways except a cronjob (not allowed from my host) to call the script ?
    ps. By the way…great work !

  2. Ozh says:

    I'm posting a few hints in a new post, this seems to be a common question

  3. joshua says:

    It looks like this does not put any pause between hits. Please contact me to discuss this further.

  4. Ozh says:

    Errrr, my bad. Script updated, I hope this will improve things.

  5. Ryan says:

    I wrote a similar but far less complete plugin for wordpress people may be interested in.

  6. hexodus says:

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  18. derek says:

    The links to the "live examples" aren't working, just fyi.

  19. Ozh says:

    Hmm ? They are, or did you encounter something weird ?

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  21. HongPong says:

    Ok, I found the problem. I guess this makes sense. I am experimenting with various ways to mess with RSS feeds, and I have the FeedWordPress plugin installed as well as your hack. When this plugin is active, I think it causes the rss_fetch function to get declared twice. Hence the error. By turning FeedWordPress plugin off, your hack seems to work fine. Huzzah!

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  23. lazopolis says:

    Any idea on how to handle non-latin characters (Greek in particular) ?

  24. Ozh says:

    If it's UTF-8, "should" be ok, even if I have had sometimes weird results I couldn't fix. In other words, "No, no idea" :)

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  26. damo says:

    Great script. I'm trying to mod it v slightly so I pass a variable (depending on where in my site you are) to the $wp_ozh_deli_param['tags'] variable.
    I'm having problems though, it doesnt seem to like what I'm doing.
    Instead of
    $wp_ozh_deli_param['tags'] = 'fashion';
    I've tried
    $wp_ozh_deli_param['tags'] = single_cat_title();
    To get it to show links tagged with my category title (wordpress).
    It doesnt like it though – single_cat_title() is populated.
    Any ideas?

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  31. Laura says:

    Thanks a bunch…this plugin looks great…can't wait to start using it. I was wondering where we should put it, if not in the WordPress plugins directory? Thanks.

  32. faustina says:

    lol I love your anti spam test, but what happens when someone can't do math? lol

    Anyway, this looks great but before I put it in and mess with the code, is there a way to randomize the links from tags? I want a list of 20 (out of 80 right now) links from 1 specific tag that will randomize on my site so that every refresh the list of 20 will produce random links from that tag. I though this option would be great so that I don't have to post mu huge list, and the links could show up randomly in a smaller list, not by date, so that every one gets rotated.

    Please let me know if you know how I could do this!

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  42. bernabauer says:

    Is there by any chance a new version coming out to fix that categories thing that changed in WordPress 2.3?

  43. Ozh says:

    bernabauer » wow, this is a pretty old stuff :) I'll have a look (heck, I dont even remember precisely what this is about ;)

  44. bernabauer says:

    this is a very good script. I might say, it is the only one that fits to my needs! If it would be updated I should be a happy blogger until the next update! ;-)

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  48. Hmmm, came here to look at your youtube plugin, and then I find this! I stated my first wordpress plugin a few days ago, and guess what I wanted to make? THE EXACT SAME THING! Doh!

    Oh well, I think I will still try to finish mine, I just needed to have a good reason to learn how to make plugins, and I still have a ton of things to do on it.

    Anyways, take a look at my stuff at What is different with mine is that I uses the xslt-support in php5, and that I included thumbnails from SnapCasa, which I feel added a good dimension to the feature.

    My wordpress plugin is not online yet, I have to find out how to widgetize and shortcode it, and I also want to find out how I can make it generate a "page" plus nice permalinks etc.

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