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On: 2004 / 10 / 15
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Beatallica : Master of Pepper"We All Seek and Destroy in a Yellow Submarine", "For Whom Michelle Tolls", "Don't Tread On Michelle" …
Does this sounds a bit weird yet familiar ? Or are you already a Beatallica fan ? Beatallica is a very cool metal band I discovered a few months ago, their motto is making song à la Beatles and Metallica, the result is a funny metal mix. And tonight I found their forums with a funny thread where fans are throwing in a few ideas for song titles. Very entertaining :)

Ho, didn't mentionned the best part about this band : they're publishing all their music for free. Download their mp3 from the webmaster of puppets or via BitTorrent.

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  1. Jared says:

    Here's some Beatallica ideas

    "King Nowhere"
    "Welcome Home (Submarine)"
    "Please Master of Postmen"

  2. Holy Shmoly! says:

    Beatles and Metallica? Beatallica
    In what may seem like a sacrilegious act, a band called Beatallica combine Metallica and Beatles songs!
    I haven't listened to any of their stuff yet but it might be interesting! (via Ozh)…

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