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On: 2004 / 09 / 01
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Bilingual ?
I've updated my bilingual script (the solution to my bilingual needs I'm using here), and it is now XHTML 1.1 compliant.

One difference with XHML 1.0 is that lang attribute is replaced by xml:lang, which needs a bit trickier javascript to handle. Should XHTML 1.1 compliancy be a matter to you, I'd suggest you have a look at this javascript powered bilingual example (and its source to get the trick)

This said, I think XHTML 1.1 is extremely annoying and is more of a pain in the webmaster's neck than an improvement of any kind.

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  1. Ozh says:

    Ahah, at least that's a nicer spam than the usual ones :)

  2. RaiL-FleX says:

    Merci ozh, encore mieux que class :)

  3. Ozh says:

    oué :)
    c'est plus "logique" et puis je pense que d'un point de vue moteur de recherche ça sera aussi plus parlant

  4. Bilingual Blog
    The method used by Reflexive-Blog to be bilingual is very simple but requires a very powerful blogware.

    Mostly, bloggers do either have 2 blogs, or 2 entries in a single blog (one for each language).
    The bad points of these 2 methods are that exce…

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