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On: 2004 / 08 / 19
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I'm getting quite bored with something I'm seeing more and more : Firefox proganda.

On several websites, especially blogs, there is a small Firefox button, just as you can see here a button for planetOzh or WordPress. It's ok : on your own page, you're supposed to tell and show what you like. Be it Firefox button or an "I love French Fries and Mayonnaise" banner, it tells about you as much as a post about the last movie you've seen.

What gets boring is when the first thing I read on a page is a message like "Man, I can see you're using MSIE, Jeeeesus, that sucks big time, time to switch to Firefox dude !". It's like when I read on a website that I should use a Macintosh. I mean, cool for them if they are happy with their so-called Unix in Windows XP For Teletubbies disguise, but if I really wanted to use a Macintosh, I wouldn't be precisely using a PC. Same thing for Firefox.

In Windows, I'm using MSIE, because I want so. I know Firefox, I've extensively tested it and I'm using it on Linux, I use it now and then to check how a page displays, but my primary browser is MSIE, and more precisely the excellent IE based MyIE2. Im my opinion, it's just ten times better. There are dozens of features in MyIE2 that I can't find in Firefox plugins (not even talking about how many are bugged as hell), security in MSIE is very good when you're smart enough to tweak it and not let it by default (never had a trojan), and more important to me, it doesn't take as long as 30 seconds to start, to eat 20 Mb of RAM and not to display pages faster than IE.

Firefox users, you wouldn't like me to tell you that you should use MSIE because it's better than Firefox, would you ? So, stop telling me I should use Firefox. I'm big enough. I'm a free man. It's my choice :)

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  2. piou says:

    t'as raison mais d'un autre côté les années "site optimisé pour 1024×768 sur MSIE" ont laissé des traces

    ce qui serait bien c'est que les sites se mettent à faire du bon code, comme par exemple mettre une feuille de style alternative pour les PDA (ça prend une ligne et un fichier CSS de plus où il suffit de virer toute la mise en page) . C'est aussi une propagande à la mode mais ya un foule de bonnes intentions, l'accessibilité pour ne citer que ça.

  3. Luke says:

    I think many sites tell you to switch to firefox because they refuse to hack and degrade their site so it works in IE, so you need to use Firefox for it to display correctly.

    Anyway, in regards to your Mac comment, it's more the other way around – Windows XP is the teletubby OS. I mean it even has a signature teletubby default wallpaper for Christ's sake! Before Apple invented a GUI, windows was nothing.

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