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On: 2004 / 07 / 27
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So here am I, back from my one month holidays. It's been of course too short, but extremely enjoyable and long enough to make me forget my PIN to get back in my office :) (ID card and secret code stuff to go to work)
I had some very good dives in Malta with a cool scuba diving club, and we have visited some (all, to be honest) very interesting places. The only bad thing about my holidays is that one of my still camera memory cards screwed up, so I've lost about 80 pictures :/

To do list from now :
– think about next holidays !
– make up my mind about a good photo gallery to implement here, tried a few but none is perfect
– then post my pics from my trips to USA and Malta :)
– code a bit : wordpress plugin to be able to post code in news items, add a side blog about current readings, add a "notepad" or something similar to the admin interface (to manage a todo list for example :)
– and get asap my Quake skillz back !

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  1. dju` says:

    weclome back yuo faggot!
    ah tiens ca tombe bien, j'attend ton étude de marché des softs de galleries avec impatience car il m'en faut un aussi :)
    j'ai essayé gallery-1.4 et j'ai trouvé bof, la 2 a l'air mieux mais pas terminée encore. et sinon c'est tout ce que j'ai testé.

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