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Twitter is fun and catchy, but the thing is: once tweeted, gone forever. Found an awesome link last month, shared it with a relevant #hashtag? Good luck finding it now. Your data now lives and dies on Twitter and you have no hand on it.

Four years ago to address this problem I made yet-another-Twitter-to-WordPress plugin, creatively named Ozh' Tweet Archiver.

Two years ago Twitter broke my plugin with their new API, requiring OAuth for every request, including reading public tweets. Fixing it has been since on my todo list but, hey, you know.

Two weeks ago @EHER sent me preliminary code to fix things, just what I needed as a motivation to fix things.

Two days ago I published version 2.0 of my super cool Tweet Archiver plugin. Fixed, dramatically improved, with new features. w00t.

TL;DR: from @ozh to with WordPress, #yay.

Go get it, install it, you'll love it. Or, as usual, 120% refunded!

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