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(Note that for some reason our system calculated that our Technical Editor @nacin knows more than the 100% you can actually know about WordPress, which made the system crash, guess who's to blame)

No, seriously: I'm learning a TON of stuff, even on subjects I thought I was proficient in. Stating the obvious: read the source, document what you read, write plugins using what you read, and you'll learn things.

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This entry "How #plugindevbook Improves My WordPress Skillz (Infographics)" was posted on 01/10/2010 at 7:44 pm and is tagged with , , ,
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  1. 1
    John Blackbourn United Kingdom »
    thought, on 02/Oct/10 at 12:12 pm # :

    Peter Westwood and Andrew Nacin both have a level of knowledge of WordPress that I find incredible. It's like they just know it whereas most other people have to keep learning it.

    I'm guessing that nacin's more-than-100% knowledge of WordPress comes from knowing stuff that has since been removed from WordPress?

  2. 2
    Ozh France »
    replied, on 02/Oct/10 at 4:24 pm # :

    I guess a few others have that westi/nacin-like knowledge, but are just more silent on the public places such as the wp-hackers mailing list or their own blogs. But I agree, they have insane knowledge :)

  3. 3
    Stephen Cronin Australia »
    said, on 04/Oct/10 at 2:05 am # :

    Your starting 10% was pretty awesome in the first place. I guess that's puts me at about 2%. Hmm, I guess 2% of Nacin isn't too shabby…

  4. 4
    Ozh France »
    replied, on 04/Oct/10 at 10:39 am # :

    Stephen Cronin ยป before starting the book, I wouldnt have said 10%. I thought I knew more :)

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