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What is it exactly ?

WordPress Theme Toolkit is just a set of 2 PHP files you will drop into your theme directory (see Page 4 for download links)

  • themetoolkit.php : the class definition. You'll never need to do anything with it. Put it in the directory, forget about it.
  • functions.php : this small file contains the few things you will edit.

So, how easily ?

Ready for a 3 minutes tour ? Let's create our admin menu. Say we are working on a theme named, how original, "My Neat Theme", which would sit in wp-content/themes/mytheme.

  • Step 1
    Put the required files functions.php and themetoolkit.php in your theme directory.
  • Step 2
    File functions.php looks like this :

    1. <?php
    2. include(dirname(__FILE__).'/themetoolkit.php');
    4. themetoolkit(
    5.     'mytheme',
    7.     array(
    8.         'option1' => 'Text for Option One',
    9.         'option2' => 'Text for Option Two',
    10.         'option3' => 'Text for Option Two',
    11.     ),
    13.     __FILE__   
    15. );
    16. ?>

    First line is where the class definition is included. Nothing to edit here.

    Then, a function call with three parameters : themetoolkit(), which is passed a theme name, an array of options, and PHP predefined constant __FILE__. Leave this last parameter untouched, edit the first two to suit your needs.

  • Step 3
    (This step is not required with WordPress 2.0, but is for WP 1.5 compatibility. Once the whole world will have switched to 2.0, you can just skip it !)
    Add this line to your template header.php :

    1. <?php include_once(dirname(__FILE__) . '/functions.php'); ?>

    Now load your blog with your theme enabled.

And that's about it.

And what did that do ?

These three steps produced a few things :

  • Now, in the Themes admin area, we have another menu added. Just like a plugin adds a menu, except that this time your theme did the job.Theme Toolkit : menu added !
  • Let's click on this menu : here is your theme control panel ! The three lines you edited created a menu, nicely integrated within WordPress admin area, ready to accept some input from theme users. (click image to enlarge) Theme Toolkit : admin menu example

Now what ?

From now on, everything you will input in the admin menu you've just created will be stored in a array of variables, named $mytheme->option. For example, if you enter in our 3 input fields the values "value1", "43", "some other text", the following array will be available :

  1. $mytheme->option['option1'] = "value1"
  2. $mytheme->option['option2'] = "43"
  3. $mytheme->option['option3'] = "some other text"

What you "just" have to do now is create your own functions, add features to your theme that will use these values the user can input. Look below in section "Examples and Ideas" to see what you could use this for.

Page: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5

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  1. Abhishek says:

    Thanks for the solution !!

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  3. Andrea says:

    Thanks man. Very useful to those of us who need to knock out lots of different blogs…

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  7. mike says:

    i messed up my blog big time and need your help…not sure what i did but its not working http://www.blackfitnessblog.com…i messed with the themetoolkit.php file help please

  8. Ozh says:

    mike » This is for theme author who know what to do with it (ie add an admin menu). Sorry I cant help with this.

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  12. Elbujero.com says:

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  13. ReCharge says:

    […] Theme ToolKit […]

  14. Mint Tree says:

    Hi Ozh,

    Is there an example to get the specific values for the Multiple Checkbox?


  15. Mint Tree says:

    Never mind, I got it through the DEBUG =P… was stuck on what the values got stored ;).

    Anyway, tips to all the future programmer: uncomment the debug (FYI: it's 1:05 am here, so I think that's why I hit a brick wall =).

  16. futuRich says:

    so what exactly does the end product look like? examples = thanx :o

  17. Ozh says:

    futuRich » I think you didn't understand what this is for. The end product is what the theme designer decides to make of it. This is just an internal tool.

  18. Jesh says:

    Hi Ozh. You'll have to excuse the question because I didn't look through all 171 comments on this post (who has the time?) to see if it's already been answered, but why haven't you supplied the download link as a zip or tar? It's pretty "wonky" for a user to grab your scripts as is. I can't really complain though. Thanks for the awesome Admin Menu.

  19. Anthony says:

    Pretty comprehensive guide..even though I do play a lot with html and scripts, having menu driven edits are far better than editing wordpress pages, digging through the code.

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  22. Hey there Ozh,

    I've been following this page for a bit. Good stuff. Any plans to bring the tool kit up to 2.7.1 compatibility?

  23. Ozh says:

    James: yeah, this has been on my todo list for ages

  24. Bedo says:

    Hi Ozh,
    I´ve dowloaded a theme which includes also your Theme Toolkit. http://wpjunction.com/themes/corporate/
    It´t cool, but I am struggling to find the bug which is causing that my custom Home page is not showing up.
    eg. I would like to have my custom home page and the blog section elsewhere. Some how when I change the wp option for the home page, it´s always calling the index file. However I could locate it to your toolkit. Can you help me?
    Wp 2.7.1, thank you!

  25. Steve says:

    Thanks so much for this tool! I have used is successfully for a friends website: twistedamerica.com. Please forgive me if you have answered this question before but is there anyway I can edit the code so that it doesn't mess up single quotes? Its fine when you first store the options, but when you come back the text is always broken, like it added a break after any single quotes. I'm kind of a newbie at code so please excuse me if I am asking a silly question.
    Thanks again

  26. Anil says:

    It seems like this doesn't work with wordpress 2.8. It stopped functioning perfectly when i upgraded. I think problem is with get_Category

  27. Elpie says:

    @Anil, the Toolkit does not use get_category but a customised one might ;)

    You may be running into a WordPress problem here. 2.8 has a known issue with category functions and this has been fixed in 2.8.1, which is currently in beta testing.
    See here for more info: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/280256?replies=26#post-1104991

    I am running 2.8.1 Beta on some production sites now because of some of the issues in 2.8. You might like to consider doing the same (or waiting a bit for the final release). Try it on a test site first and see if the problem with your Toolkit goes away.

  28. Carlos says:

    Hey Ozh,
    I known your are a busy person, but if you can bring the tool kit up to 2.8.1 compatibility will be more than great, you will make more people happy ;)

    Theres a option to pay for this compatibility? Please let me know, write to my email.


  29. kymac says:

    This is an awesome tool for me! I have fixed a problem with checkboxes and now have it working under WP 2.8.6.

    Here is the modified read_options()

    1. /* Read theme options as defined by user and populate the array $this-&gt;option */
    2.         function read_options() {
    3.             $options = get_option('theme-'.$this-&gt;infos['theme_shortname'].'-options');
    4.             $options['_________junk-entry________'] = 'ozh is my god';
    5.             $this-&gt;option = array();
    6.             foreach ($options as $key=&gt;$val) {
    7.                 // is_array check needed for Multiple Choice
    8.                 if (is_array($val)) {
    9.                     foreach ($val as $key2=&gt;$val2) {
    10.                         $this-&gt;option["$key2"] = stripslashes($val2);
    11.                     }
    12.                 } else {
    13.                     $this-&gt;option["$key"] = stripslashes($val);
    14.                 }
    15.             }
    16.             array_pop($this-&gt;option);
    17.             return $this-&gt;option;
    18.             /* Curious about this "junk-entry" ? :) A few explanations then.
    19.              * The problem is that get_option always return an array, even if
    20.              * no settings has been previously saved in table wp_options. This
    21.              * junk entry is here to populate the array with at least one value,
    22.              * removed afterwards, so that the foreach loop doesn't go moo. */
    23.         }
  30. kymac says:

    I just realized that I am using a modified version of themetoolkit.php that was included with the Simplicity theme by Lai Zit Seng. Lai fixed a bug with an extraneous dollar sign, and corrected some HTML ending tags in version 1.12.

    If you will email me using the About->Contact Us form bluegrassmiataclub.com, I will send you this version.

  31. kymac says:

    Sorry, I forgot to include to select 'Mac McDonald' as the contact in the form mentioned in my previous post.

  32. Sherif says:

    im a new web designer not good with php and i look for tutorials or some help of how to use wp theme toolkit.

    i understand the basics and already have done some stuff with my new theme with it but i still need to do some more things but i cant

    so any help plz ?


  33. John says:

    Is the toolkit compatible with wp3. I see a lot of old stuff, is it up to date?

  34. Ozh says:

    John » Probably. Dunno. Test and report :)

  35. naomae says:

    thank you for the idea for making themes for blogs more beautiful. hope you can post more about this stuff. thanks!

  36. Tjobbe says:

    This looks like exactly what I need, but I have two questions!

    I have managed to edit the functions.php file and created custom fields which succesffully stores my custom data to the db.

    How do I:

    a) echo these custom fields, one-by-one, into my template?

    b) Can I use some tags to put these custom fields into my posts and pages?

  37. Jatin Soni says:

    I am creating new and very first theme for wordpress and even not familiar with php, thanks for this nice tool.

    Now I am very much confused how to create image uploade field into theme panel…

    I have used Image URL for header logo code as below

    Admin Panel code:
    $mytheme->option['site_logo'] = "myurl here"

    Theme I have added below code:

    <a href="/"><img src="option['welcome']; ?>" alt="logo" width="260″ height="125″ border="0″ title=""/>

    But still logo image doesn't appearing at all. It works with direct url.
    Please help me to solve this issue also with image upload option if possible.

    My theme will have lots of images so I required proper image URL and Upload option on admin panel.

    Thanks in advance…

  38. Jatin Soni says:

    I check the image coming other places but not at header logo.. :( what is the reason please help me to solve this.

  39. sugeng tigefa says:

    this themes comptability latest wordpress version? :)

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