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WordPress Better Plugin Page « planetOzh
On: 2008/04/21 Viewed: 27344 times
Shorter URL for this page: http://ozh.in/kp

Having 50+ plugins in your Plugin Management page doesn't make things fast when you want to find a particular plugin to de/activate or edit it, or when you want to quickly find the ones that are outdated and need an update.


Better Plugin Page brings simple yet valuable enhancement to your Plugins page:

Tiny icons (from famfamfam of course) to emphasize plugin status and quick action links. Less clutter, more information.

Quick filters to find more easily the plugin you're looking for. Want to deactivate one? Start by hiding all the active plugins. Want to update them? Hide those that are up to date (simple filtering system, you'll get unexpected results if you try to combine filters)

Sliding mini list of all your plugins if scrolling all the way down is too tiring for your abused finger.


Want to play with it to make sure you will need it ? Try the demo!


Download the plugin :
ozh-better-plugin-page.zip (current version: 1.0)
Extract and upload to your blog, preserving directory structure if any.


My wife is proud of me when someone links to me on their blog, so if you like (or hate!) this plugin, please write about it :)

Shorter URL

Want to share or tweet this page? Please use this short URL: http://ozh.in/kp


This page "WordPress Better Plugin Page" was posted on 21/04/2008 at 11:25 pm
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61 Blablas

  1. 1
    Cute Little Plugin: Better Plugin Page &... United States »
    pingback on 21/Apr/08 at 11:41 pm # :

    […] Better Plugin Page adds some simple yet efficient (at least I think:) improvements and less clutter, with quick action links, tiny icons, and filter buttons, and more. […]

  2. 2
    FabriceV France »
    thought, on 22/Apr/08 at 1:57 am # :

    Great plugin!
    I had like an even more condensed view and better integration to the wordpress style.
    – Display the version number in red and underlined when an update is available. click on the version number launch the update function. Thus suppress the update action in status column.
    – version column could display "download" because it is related to and rarely appears. It reinforces version alert too. Thus no need to alert icon.
    – replace "active" with "on" less characters is better.
    – suppress "inactive" because color switch an lack of "active" information is enough. Replace using "off | activate". Because length and characters are different, the contrast is reinforced.
    – Edit is then alone…

    I dislike the icons. The background brings no sense, thus is the same for all icons, thus minimize the information.
    Active : green circle
    Inactive : red circle
    Available update : orange circle
    Activate : ???
    Download : arrows (down) you download
    Update : arrows (up) you increase number
    Edit ; a pen

  3. 3
    » Genial: WordPress Better Plugin ... Germany »
    pingback on 22/Apr/08 at 4:08 am # :

    […] | Plugin-Seite | Download geschrieben am 22.04.08 um 04:08 Uhr von: BlogPimp […]

  4. 4
    PinkPüppi Germany »
    wrote, on 22/Apr/08 at 2:31 pm # :

    Great Plugin, but I'm missing the function to activate ALL Plugins at once.

    Or to choose which Plugins should be activated oder deactivated.

  5. 5
    Douglas Canada »
    said, on 22/Apr/08 at 3:38 pm # :

    I have installed your better plugin page into my WordPress 2.5 using Firefox

    It is a great idea; I like the colours and the icons. One problem: the toggle buttons do not toggle correctly in combination: try clicking "hide up to date", then "show active". The result is a list of some active and some up to date. The filters on these buttons need some logical sequence work, it 'ppears to me.

  6. 6
    » WordPress Better Plugin Page LuN... Germany »
    pingback on 22/Apr/08 at 5:19 pm # :

    […] die abonnierten RSS-Feeds regelmäßig zu lesen. Weiterführende Links: -Live-Demo -Plugin-Seite […]

  7. 7
    Ozh France »
    replied, on 22/Apr/08 at 7:30 pm # :

    Douglas » I know this. Say, this is a feature, not a bug :P I'll update the doc to tell about this.

  8. 8
    “Poked your scallop with this pomp... United States »
    pingback on 24/Apr/08 at 2:18 am # :

    […] has developed a very elegant plugin to clean up the plugin page – it's called Ozh' Better  Plugin Page. It works, it's certainly helpful – but wait – there's more. This is a rare occasion on […]

  9. 9
    links for 2008-04-28 at orioa Japan »
    pingback on 28/Apr/08 at 5:42 am # :

    […] WordPress Better Plugin Page « planetOzh ??????????????????????? (tags: wordpress plugin) […]

  10. 10
    Rob United Kingdom »
    said, on 28/Apr/08 at 3:28 pm # :

    Ozh, Great plugin. Thanks. However, after letting WordPress upgrade it to 1.0.1, all the icons vanished. Any ideas?

  11. 11
    Ozh France »
    wrote, on 28/Apr/08 at 7:36 pm # :

    Rob » Well, no… Nothing funky on my side…

  12. 12
    Feldstudie.net .::. Ozh' Better Plugin P... Germany »
    pingback on 04/May/08 at 10:29 am # :

    […] dass man schnell den Überblick verlieren kann. Um dem vorzubeugen nutze und empfehle ich das Ozh' Better Plugin Page – Plugin. Nach der Installation werden bei jedem hochgeladenen Plugin Miniicons angezeigt, die z.B. […]

  13. 13
    Danny United States »
    commented, on 08/May/08 at 8:59 pm # :

    I love the facelift this plugin provides, but would like one additional feature I miss from the vanilla interface. I'd like to be able to see what the new version number is of an upgradeable plugin.

    Often, if a plugin has been bumped by I will upgrade it blind. But if it goes from 1.5.3 to 2.0.0 I'd like to check the plugin page before upgrading, to make sure the (supposedly major) changes won't kill my blog.

    Maybe as a tooltip on the upgrade icon? Though it would be better as a visible element. Thanks for considering it.

  14. 14
    Ozh France »
    thought, on 08/May/08 at 10:42 pm # :

    Danny » Smart suggestion. I will give it a few minutes when I have some time.

  15. 15
    35 (New) WordPress Plugins for an Effect... United States »
    pingback on 19/May/08 at 2:19 am # :

    […] WordPress Better Plugin Page- Better Plugin Page brings simple yet valuable enhancement to your Plugins page by making things […]

  16. 16
    Burgerbe, Administrations- und Pluginman... Germany »
    pingback on 19/May/08 at 4:25 pm # :

    […] zu aktualisieren, anzuzeigen etc pp. kommt mal wieder von Ozh. Das Plugin nennt sich treffend WordPress Better Plugin Page. Wer die Dinger von Ozh kennt, weiß, dass man nichts falsch machen kann wenn man das Plugin […]

  17. 17
    Super Plugin Better Plugin Page | Flos D... Germany »
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    […] , was schonmal für mehr übersichtlichkeit sorgt.  zu bekommen ist dieses Plugin bei OZH […]

  18. 18
    Blog Küreye ?lk Ad?m!: Yusuf ?B?L? United States »
    pingback on 26/May/08 at 6:07 pm # :

    […] XML Sitemaps'? kulland?m. Yine Yönetici Panelinde i?ini çok iyi yapan ve takdir etti?im Ozh' Better Plugin Page var. Özellikle eklentileri güncelleme özelli?i ?ahane! Twitter Ya?anm??l?klar? için […]

  19. 19
    Sélection de liens web intéressants 19... France »
    pingback on 19/Jun/08 at 9:18 am # :

    […] Même les gros fanas de wordpress apprendront sûrement. Sinon j'ai également découvert un plugin qui permet de mieux gérer votre page de plugin dans l'espace […]

  20. 20
    Chad United States »
    thought, on 28/Jun/08 at 11:19 am # :

    This plugin is FREAKIN AWESOME! I was working on something like this but not that I found this I have noo need thank you!!!!!!

  21. 21
    Matt Estonia »
    said, on 29/Jun/08 at 8:15 am # :

    Great plugin and I'm glad somebody has begun to address the clutter issue on the plugin page. Something's got to be done!

    I'll be using your plugin until my dream plugin comes along (I'd do it myself if I could). I'd really like to see somebody come up with an integration of sortable table columns perhaps using the tablesorter script (see tablesorter dot com). This would allow all plugins to remain on the page but sorted say by activity to allow you to deal visually with one set or another quickly.

    I've thought about two separate tables, one for active and one for inactive plugins but this seems like overkill.

  22. 22
    Ozh France »
    wrote, on 29/Jun/08 at 10:18 am # :

    Matt » I don't think this would be as efficient as filtering out lines (at least for me with 80+ plugins). Sorting 80 plugins to see which is running and which is not would be a lot messier than simply hiding 60 inactive plugins to see 20 running.
    This said, on WordPress 2.6 there will be 2 tables, one for running and one for inactive (which, to be honest, sucks)

  23. 23
    Better Plugin Page » Wordpress Plu... Denmark »
    pingback on 02/Jul/08 at 9:42 am # :

    […] Version: 1.0 –  License: n/a – Author: Ozh – Plugin Page – » Download « – » Download […]

  24. 24
    r3ck0rd Indonesia »
    thought, on 03/Jul/08 at 10:22 am # :

    Hah, finally, 'cause I don't know how much plugins I use :D

  25. 25
    r3ck0rd Indonesia »
    commented, on 03/Jul/08 at 10:29 am # :

    by the way, when other script and web says I'm from Indonesia, your plugin says I'm from New Zealand (or is it Australia?). Not using any HTTP tunnel, I wonder why…

  26. 26
    Chip Bennett United States »
    commented, on 03/Jul/08 at 4:09 pm # :

    Very nice plugin! Definitely adds needed functionality to the plugin admin page.

    I would just like to add in my support to making the filters work together (active/inactive, up-to-date/update-available), which would make the plugin even *more* powerful/useful.

    Thanks again, Ozh, for all of your fantastic plugin work!

  27. 27
    Wordpress 2.6 - erledigt | marcO's_br4in... Germany »
    pingback on 15/Jul/08 at 10:29 am # :

    […] “Ozh’s Better Plugin Page Plugin” ist aufgrund der Änderungen in WP 2.6 nun nicht mehr funktional. Was aber auch nicht […]

  28. 28
    Frédéric Harper Canada »
    said, on 16/Jul/08 at 2:26 pm # :

    very good plugin!

    It seems to have problems with WordPress 2.6: the count of total plugin, filter buttons, …

    Continue your good work.

  29. 29
    Jason Frovich Canada »
    thought, on 19/Jul/08 at 3:44 pm # :

    hey any updates on WP 2.6 it seems the plugin no longer works.

  30. 30
    Richelo Killian United Kingdom »
    said, on 23/Jul/08 at 3:13 pm # :

    There is one feature that would put this plugin on my MUST have list…..

    Saving the state of plugins, so you can "Activate All" AFTER an upgrade for which you had to deactivate all.

    Really hope you can add that "little" feature! ;-)



  31. 31
    Poppa Bear Netherlands »
    commented, on 02/Aug/08 at 9:17 am # :


    Another elegant bit of code.

    However, with WP2.6, the ability to hide/show the states of plugins is broken.

    Thanks for the efforts!


  32. 32
    ?????????? WordPress: ????????????? ????... United States »
    pingback on 05/Aug/08 at 9:10 pm # :

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  33. 33
    My Comment Count is Bigger Than Your Com... United States »
    pingback on 23/Aug/08 at 11:17 pm # :

    […] Better Plugin Page […]

  34. 34
    Joel Sri Lanka »
    said, on 26/Aug/08 at 9:47 am # :

    Love your superb collection of plug ins, they are simply stunning. but having a small issue with this particular plugin, at the moment I'm using your admin drop down and better feed plug ins…. yesterday I thought of trying out this one and it went completely wrong for me

    It got activated fine but the top buttons your plugin provides did not work and the plugin count stayed on 0
    Here is a screen shot

  35. 35
    Ozh France »
    said, on 26/Aug/08 at 6:04 pm # :

    Joel » Yes, I know. Still havent updated this plugin for 2.6 :)

  36. 36
    Joel Sri Lanka »
    thought, on 26/Aug/08 at 6:34 pm # :

    Ok thanks expecting an update soon. thanks for the speedy reply. simply love this plugin :)

  37. 37
    WordPress Plugins: Mehr Komfort für den... Germany »
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    […] WordPress Better Plugin Page macht Schluss mit lästigen Suchorgien: eine Reihe von Icons und durchdachte Filterfunktionen (z.B. nur Plugins anzeigen, die upgedatet werden wollen) kommt jenen Blogger entgehen, deren Plugin-Collection mittlerweile bereits ausufert: […]

  38. 38
    VietNam WordPress Club » 35 (New) ... Viet Nam »
    pingback on 19/Sep/08 at 7:28 am # :

    […] from here 21) WordPress Better Plugin Page- Better Plugin Page brings simple yet valuable enhancement to your Plugins page by making things […]

  39. 39
    WordPress Better Plugin Page - WP Plugin... Germany »
    pingback on 30/Sep/08 at 9:28 am # :

    […] Plugin WordPress Better Plugin Page von Ozh reorganisiert die WordPress Plugin Seite und macht sie unter Anderem mit Icons […]

  40. 40
    (??) ????????-WordPress ?? | Satime United States »
    pingback on 31/Oct/08 at 8:02 pm # :

    […] WordPress Better Plugin Page- Better Plugin Page brings simple yet valuable enhancement to your Plugins page by making things […]

  41. 41
    ???? | CALLME8(???)???? United States »
    pingback on 01/Nov/08 at 3:49 pm # :

    […] WordPress Better Plugin Page- Better Plugin Page brings simple yet valuable enhancement to your Plugins page by making things […]

  42. 42
    chris United Kingdom »
    thought, on 30/Jan/09 at 3:10 pm # :

    i love the ozh better comments and better plugin plugins, but there is a bug on the plugins page.

    the green sidebar in the right hand side is spread all over the complete width of the screen.

    how can i fix this issue? can you give me a hint

    greetz chris

  43. 43
    Ozh’ Better Plugin Page United States »
    pingback on 30/Jan/09 at 10:39 pm # :

    […] Management page: tiny icons, less clutter, quick action links. Handy for those who have …..read more Download Plugin! Version 1.2 Last Updated: August 31, 2008 […]

  44. 44
    baron Turkey »
    thought, on 22/Feb/09 at 5:40 pm # :

    hi. Thanks for plugin



  45. 45
    John W United States »
    commented, on 30/Mar/09 at 10:38 pm # :

    Need an "upgrade all" button to have all plugins that need upgraded with one click. Trap update failure errors so as to not impact the rest.

  46. 46
    Ozh France »
    commented, on 30/Mar/09 at 11:56 pm # :

    John W » definitely something I won't implement, because of the nightmare support that would follow. There's a plugin that does this (plugin mass updater) but I wouldn't dare doing something like this.

  47. 47
    Richard United States »
    commented, on 05/Jun/09 at 5:43 pm # :

    Hi there!

    Please have a look at the conversation on the following page: http://w-shadow.com/blog/2007/10/19/one-click-plugin-updater/comment-page-15/#comments starting at comment #417, with my name on it. :)

    There's something strange going on, and I don't know if maybe you and the other plugin author can figure it out together.


  48. 48
    phototristan United States »
    thought, on 18/Jun/09 at 4:56 pm # :

    The latest version 1.4 prevents automatic plugin updates in WP 2.8

  49. 49
    Ozh France »
    replied, on 18/Jun/09 at 8:23 pm # :

    phototristan » Oops, indeed. Going to fix this.

  50. 50
    Tyler Style United States »
    replied, on 14/Jul/09 at 5:27 pm # :

    Didn't work at all for me. Downloaded, activated and … nada. Using WP 2.8.1.

  51. 51
    Brian Hanifin » My Favorite Wordpr... United States »
    pingback on 08/Aug/09 at 7:29 am # :

    […] Ozh' Better Plugin Page: Adds a little sliding plugin list and buttons to toggle display of Active/Inactive/Out-of-date plugins to the "Manage Plugins" page. […]

  52. 52
    TheGrouchyMan United States »
    commented, on 22/Aug/09 at 8:27 am # :

    Would love to be able to use this, but for some reason it doesn't show up in my plug-in list. And when I try to install it again, I get a message that it's already installed.

    BTW, I love your admin drop down menu. Keep up the good work.

    Thanks, TheGrouchyMan

  53. 53
    35 Stylish And Modern Wordpress Plugins ... United States »
    pingback on 08/Sep/09 at 10:46 pm # :

    […] 32.Ozh' Better Plugin Page […]

  54. 54
    35 elegantes y modernos Plugins para Wor... Europe »
    pingback on 14/Sep/09 at 8:48 am # :

    […] 32.Ozh’ Better Plugin Page […]

  55. 55
    Martin Sweden »
    said, on 28/Nov/09 at 8:39 pm # :

    For some reason only a few icons appear (Details and Upgrade), but none of the other. The visual apperance of the plugin does not seem to match the "demo". Have I missed something? Plugin version 1.4.2; WordPress 2.8.6.

  56. 56
    Allen R Sweden »
    commented, on 28/Feb/10 at 9:08 pm # :

    thank you for this great plugin. It is part of of my must-have-set.

    Additionally I would like to localize/translate the text strings.
    I found some in plugin.js but I would like to access in order to complete the task.

    I would be grateful for pointer on where to look.

  57. 57
    Ian United States »
    wrote, on 14/May/10 at 9:12 am # :

    any chance on updating it for the latest wp version? small icons are not showing up at all im only getting the top header bar above plugin list

  58. 58
    Ozh France »
    replied, on 19/May/10 at 12:59 pm # :

    Ian » Will try to update it when WP 3.0 is out

  59. 59
    Ken Dawes United States »
    commented, on 23/Mar/11 at 1:41 am # :

    Is updating this plugin for WP 3.1 in the queue?


  60. 60
    Ozh France »
    replied, on 23/Mar/11 at 11:00 am # :

    Ken Dawes » yeah I shall give this a look soon

  61. 61
    Michael United Kingdom »
    replied, on 11/Nov/11 at 8:22 pm # :

    I soooo want a plugin called "Piquant Lemming" … until that comes out I guess I'll have to use this one – whih looks really good! :-)

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