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I really like how Github displays your yearly code contributions, in that 52×7 green dot matrix. It's cute, informative, and has become iconic enough that any nerd knows what it refers to.


I like it so I funcoded a script that will deliver a message after 365 days of running — fun, but kinda slow, right?

So, I made something more interactive and instantly fun, something you can play with: I'm delighted to introduce contribution, a site to "Generate Github-like contribution graph" and print them on a t-shirt (or just save them as a PNG for whatever use you'll like)

It's neat with short messages that fit the grid, works best with capital letters but hey, experiment:



I've had great fun coding that site, especially the server side PHP script that generates the matrix from the letter input. It was also my first experiment using Bootstrap and I must say it's pretty neat for the design-impaired people like myself.

The t-shirt printing is powered by Zazzle: their API is decently documented and I've bought a couple of shirts from them in the past and have been pleased by the quality. I ordered myself a tshirt with "@ozh", can't wait to show it off at work :>

Go ahead, play with contribution and make some cool contrib graph. You'll be the coolest looking nerd on the beach this summer :)

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    slaFFik Ukraine »
    wrote, on 27/Jan/15 at 9:52 am # :

    Your is not working any more :(

  2. 2
    Ozh France »
    thought, on 01/Feb/15 at 10:52 am # :

    slaFFik ยป indeed, I didn't renew the domain :) Still available at !

  3. 3
    slaFFik Ukraine »
    said, on 01/Feb/15 at 11:15 am # :

    Zazzle API returns error though.

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