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Admin Drop Down Menu Update « planetOzh
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On: 2008 / 08 / 10 Viewed: 42778 times
Shorter URL for this post: http://ozh.in/iv

I've just committed a quick update to Admin Drop Down Menu, now showing version number 2.2.1
This update brings in a few CSS tweaks and improves the compatibility with Fluency, so if you're using this admin theme you'll be happier after upgrading.

On the subject of this wonderful little plugin, my ego quite inflated yesterday when I came across this article entitled "the plugin that changed WordPress forever. I tell you, coders need more hyperbolic praises like this:)

While I'm at it: if you like this plugin, you know what? Please, do me a favor. Head to its page on wordpress.org and rate it 5 stars! I will officially love those who will!

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13 Blablas

  1. 1
    Lester Chan Singapore »
    commented, on 10/Aug/08 at 7:44 pm # :

    Yea, we need more praises but sadly often we got more hate mail/comments then praises (at least for me)

  2. 2
    W-Shadow Luxembourg »
    said, on 10/Aug/08 at 8:26 pm # :

    Indeed. I'm now nearly afraid of getting comments on my plugin-related posts, as they will almost always be bug reports. And since the more popular plugins are already quite stable the reported bugs are getting progressively more obscure and harder to fix.

    I can't believe I hadn't rated your excellent plugin before. Better late than never :)

  3. 3
    Luciano Passuello Brazil »
    replied, on 10/Aug/08 at 9:27 pm # :

    Ask and thou shall receive, five stars you have. This is a great, great plugin indeed: it's always the first plugin I install in WP.

    Amazing job, Ozh!

  4. 4
    Ozh France »
    commented, on 10/Aug/08 at 9:38 pm # :

    W-Shadow & Lester » yeah, sometimes comments are just useless thrash, let's just ignore them:)
    As for bug reports, either the plugin is improvable and they are welcome, or it's just a funky edge case on a weird server configuration, and they can be ignored. We're just hobbyist after all, it's not like we're paid coding perfect stuff for everybody on the planet :)

    Luciano » Thanks !

  5. 5
    Rich Schmidt United States »
    thought, on 11/Aug/08 at 6:59 pm # :

    Thanks for the update! 2.2 was starting to drive me nuts! I really, really love this plugin and was afraid I might have to drop it for a little bit there. But it's all better now! Thanks!

    (No, I never did submit a bug report…) :)

  6. 6
    Joost de Valk Netherlands »
    commented, on 11/Aug/08 at 8:45 pm # :

    I'll give you a sound write-up in my WP newsletter Ozh! This thing is absolutely great!

    And boy, do I understand where you're coming from, if people would whine a bit less, donate a bit more, and write nicely a bit more, live would become so much easier :)

  7. 7
    Ozh France »
    thought, on 11/Aug/08 at 9:16 pm # :

    Joost » thanks for the praise, and thanks a million for the donation :)

  8. 8
    Arctic United States »
    replied, on 12/Aug/08 at 4:26 am # :

    Ozh, this is my favorite plugin!

  9. 9
    Bryson United States »
    replied, on 12/Aug/08 at 4:53 am # :

    Hey Ozh, Love the plugins dude, but on this one, is there any chance that you're going to add a way to expand long menus into two columns?

    I use enough plugins that my settings menu is getting near the bottom of my page when open, would be nice to shorten it and expand it into multiple columns.

  10. 10
    Rich Schmidt United States »
    replied, on 12/Aug/08 at 7:37 am # :

    Hrm… I guess I spoke too soon. It breaks on almost every page load in Safari 3.1.2 (Mac). It didn't prior to upgrading to 2.2… and now 2.2.1 is breaking on WP 2.6 and is breaking on WP 2.5.

    When I say "breaking," I mean that occasionally (not sure when, exactly… but after automatically upgrading plugins seems to be a pretty consistent one) when the page loads, the only thing showing is the top menu, and the rest of the screen is the menu background color (grey-brown?). If I scroll down, the rest of the page is there. Or if I resize the browser window, it all magically appears.

    2.2 was doing it on every page load. I thought 2.2.1 fixed it. Then, just now, I saw 2.2.1 doing it again on that blog and doing the same thing on a different blog.


    Still, I love the plugin! Maybe something's just gone wonky with my Safari???

  11. 11
    Rich Schmidt United States »
    said, on 12/Aug/08 at 5:47 pm # :

    I downgraded to Admin Drop Down Menu 2.0.2 on my WP 2.5.1 install, and the problem has vanished. I still have it, occasionally, on my WP 2.6 / ADDM install. Just FYI. Sorry I can't be more specific about when exactly the problem happens.

  12. 12
    Mr.Gene Germany »
    replied, on 14/Aug/08 at 9:39 pm # :

    I like this plugin, too. On my new WordPress 2.6 installation it work perfekt. But aktually there is only testing :-/
    My blog is hostet by wordpress-mu and there it don't work :-(

    If all test are complete i move it to my own host and than it will work!

    I think five stars are not enough ;)

  13. 13
    N1N France »
    commented, on 18/Aug/08 at 1:37 pm # :

    Definitely a killer plugin. Thx

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