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Something seems to be broken between Feedburner and Netvibes. Yesterday, Planet WordPress was showing off a cool 1050 feed readers, and today the counter has dropped down to 267. After logging in Feedburner's control panel to check some stats, I found out that:

  • Netvibes users are not counted any longer
  • Netvibes user count used to be… odd. Stats from last month show that nearly 75%! of Planet WordPress readers where Netvibes users, and this seems to be really improbable.

Anyone else notices a feed reader drop because of this? I hope things are not that broken with Netvibes. I was pretty happy of the nice constant raise of Planet WordPress's feed reader count, I'd be quite disappointed to see it deflate :)

Edit: feed reader count back to 1050, with the unbelievable share of Netvibes users at 72%. Go figure.

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    Lodewijk van den Broek Netherlands »
    thought, on 25/Apr/08 at 10:02 pm # :

    Yeah, noticed it too. It didn't have quite the impact for me though. Netvibes is used by only a small part of my subscribers (33/950), but I noticed the drop too. Also on other blogs in my Feedburner GTD network.

    Google is by far the biggest for me, with >60% of my subscribers using that one.

  2. 2
    Rick United States »
    replied, on 25/Apr/08 at 11:08 pm # :

    It must go the other direction as well. I briefly used NetVibes a year or so ago, and found that feeds through Feedburner would come in really late, or sometimes not at all.

    That's an impressive, steady rise in subscribers, btw. I concur with Lodewijk; Netvibes users as also in much smaller numbers on my blog. Just to note, my numbers don't approach what yours does on here, though.

    RickZilla on WP IRC

  3. 3
    DerFrankie Italy »
    commented, on 26/Apr/08 at 10:32 am # :

    Netvibes is going through a Serverupgrade. So it was actually not available to the users for almost a day. So this is probably the main cause of the drop.

  4. 4
    Edwin Netherlands »
    wrote, on 27/Apr/08 at 10:48 pm # :

    My blog dropped 900 members too. I Think DerFrankie is right, must be the server upgrade or something…

  5. 5
    Kaiserlino Brazil »
    said, on 10/May/08 at 3:14 pm # :

    Also mine had problems…
    Ok, we had only 50, but was raising daily, and now its deflating till 24…

    Would really like to know what hapenned…

    Hope they fix this soon

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