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I'm a reader of the wp-hackers mailing list. Besides some fairly useless and unproductive advocacy or opinion threads happening on an annoyingly regular basis, the list is also a very great place to share code tips and snippets. Someone asks a "how do I do this" question, and someone else (sometimes) comes up with a smarter, simpler or shorter solution than you'd thought of. Every time it happens, I say to myself "you really should write this down, it could be useful in the future".

So, I'll start now collecting those pieces of PHP code that I find particularly noteworthy, in this blog naturally, under the tag "WordPress Snippet".

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    Ben Tremblay Canada »
    wrote, on 12/Feb/08 at 8:23 pm # :

    "Snippets" … little factoids that, by themselves, are just litter. But the right one in the right place at the right time? Sheer magic. Paradox, ehh whot?

    Last week I re-visted a site that seemed pretty keen a while back, and it's really nice now. "
    Woyano" … this came to mind when I read your post in my feed just now:

    Typically I find myself having to browse through a few links and wading through some hefty text to find exactly what I'm looking for. It's a bit of a pain, considering that I just want to copy and paste the command within a few seconds. Wouldn't it be nice if someone made a page which had absolutely nothing on it except what I was looking for."


    p.s. my "stealth" project is all about ordering these factoids. I figure if I can implement my design there's call for it in industry … something like how it's hard to get workers to share macros, it's hard to actualize sharing of key snippets.

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    Ashley India »
    commented, on 29/Oct/09 at 7:51 am # :

    WordPress has been preferred by most of the people as it is more flexible and can make the test we wish to .

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