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On: 2007 / 05 / 15
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Edit: this plugin had several bugs that made me write my own take on this. Absolute Comments is in my opinion far better, go try it :)

I guess every WordPress user in the world have dreamt about it : the ability to reply to a comment from within the admin area, and without visiting the post page itself first. Your wait is over : Better Comment Manager is here.

Better Comments

This plugin adds two links underneath each comment : "Reply" to this comment, and "View all" comments for this post. Needless to say, this plugin instantly makes it into my short list of 4 or 5 must-have plugins in any WordPress install. Great ! (via)

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  1. Techie Buzz says:


    Thanks for featuring the plugin here, I am working on getting more features and fixing a few bugs in this right now should release it by this weekend.


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  3. Matt B. says:

    Installed right away :)

  4. […] at Planet Ozh's site, I stumbled across his link to Better Comments Manager Plugin (Version 1.2) for […]

  5. […] Reply" link to instantly reply to comments. I've blogged about a similar plugin a few months ago, but I thought this plugin missed on the integration with WordPress (adds an unneeded extra page) […]

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