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On: 2006 / 11 / 09
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Fun stuff for the younger still in college :) Have teachers who go mad when they hear your cellphone ring ? Use the high pitched ring tone ! Indeed, most adult cannot hear this sound frequency (story) Whohoo by the way, I can :)

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  1. Amber says:

    I have a few friends with this ringtone at my college. We tested it for an article for my newspaper, and found that while most of the teachers couldnt hear it (we had a few that could) some of the students were unable to hear it, so be sure to test before you buy! Apparently this was used as a "teen repellent" at malls in England. The played the sound outside of the stores to annoy and drive off teens loitering. but someone took the idea and used it against the adults. TAKE THAT!!!!

  2. ryan says:

    its weird u should try it its real!!!!.

  3. omanwhisky says:

    good idea.i'll try it.

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