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On: 2005 / 10 / 29
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There is an interesting article on the fun and caustic SEO Black Hat about the fact that deliberately misspell keywords can bring some traffic in. This is pretty basic Search Engine Optimization (yet considered rather on the dark side) that aims to take advantage of the fact that people looking for stuff often misspell them (i.e. search for "viagar pills" instead of "viagra pills")

After reading this article, I started to think about ways to automatically generate misspellings. It turned out to be pretty fun and interesting coding it, and an afternoon later, here is the result : the Typo Trap !

As a tool for webmasters, it is of some value for those who are into SEO : generating standard misspellings is plain easy, and the stuff also suggests gazillions of high value common keywords for those who lack inspiration.
And as an SEO experiment, I really wonder if bots will index all the pages and combinations, and if eventually some visitors will land there.

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  1. wissam says:

    Very good job, I love your tool …

  2. Dalian says:

    Cool tool, thanks. Any chance of seeing something like this in a PHP script? Now that could be useful!

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