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On: 2004 / 10 / 03
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GMail stuff of the day : it seems an Atom Feed is planned to be implemented. At least a guy saw this in his inbox (Atom badge under his labels, which is not a fake)

GMail fact of the day : my account will last exactly 2000 days before it's filled up. Indeed, I opened it on June 16th, which was 108 days ago, and I'm now using 54 Mb. At such a rate, reaching 1000 Mb will exactly take 1000/54*108=2000 days. Funny :)

Update: I have today (04/10) the same Atom badge in my Gmail inbox. However, the feed itself is short : only a <modified> field…

Update 2: and again other features in my account !

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  1. RaiL-FleX says:

    Mais ce filon servirait à quoi précisément ?
    A montrer à tout le monde le contenu de sa boîte mail ?

  2. Ozh says:

    Bah non, j'imagine qu'il ne sera affichable qu'apres auth avec login/pass. L'intéret dans ce cas serait d'ajouter ton inbox comme n'importe quel autre site dans ton feedreader par exemple

  3. […] d? Asides Google — Dhruba Bandopadhyay @ 11:14 pm | Google-It! Is Gmail planning an atom feed? Feedback (0)&n […]

  4. Thijs says:

    Also I had (!) a atom-button and send a mail too the gmail team for a userguide. No reaction and after 24 hours the button was removed. Which was not were I have asked for :-(

  5. GMail Atom Feed?
    Is Gmail planning an atom feed?

  6. GMail and atom
    Some sites have reported that Gmail will support Atom-feeds soon. However, the feature doesn't seem to have propagated to all accounts yet. I guess we'll notice when it does….

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