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On: 2004 / 09 / 30
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Paper Arcade: Paper + scisors + glue = mini-arcade machines like from out of a cereal box. Something really nice to get your color pinter a bit busy :)

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3 Blablas

  1. First of all: where are the chicks and luxury cars? I want my fame, damn it!

    Second: that arithmetic test is ridiculous, even a stupid bot could figure that one out.

    Thirdly: I'm yet to see a paper arcade machine, those things don't exist because they are impractical.

  2. Ozh says:

    » Chicks : didn't you get the zip file with everything included ?
    » Antispam : I dare you to find or code a bot that can pass it. That's what makes it a brilliant trick : easy for human, impossible for bots.
    » Arcade : hmmmkey.

  3. Cock says:

    I CAME!!!!!!!

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