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On: 2004 / 09 / 28
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Something I have difficulties to live without are regular expressions, particularly when it comes to searching / replacing files, in files, in scripts, in Excel spreadsheets, in directories, in whatever you can search in. Text editors using regular expressions, on Windows, are common (I'd recommend UltraEdit), but looking for files with regexp is another story.

On my main computer, running Windozh, I have installed the win32 port of most linux utils, aka Cygwin. So I have a Bash shell, like on my Linux server, and my searches are powered by 'find' and 'grep', which is great. This is plan A.

But for those who may find installing and using Cygwin too heavy, plan B, I just found something interesting : a perl script and a .reg hack to add Perl powers to your Windows searches. Looking for something has never been that easy :)


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