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On: 2004 / 05 / 13
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Arches Valley

Two weeks offline ! I'll be cruising through the South West of the US, somewhere around Las Vegas, in a few famous parks : Arch Valley, Death Valley … I hope to take a bunch of beautiful pictures !

We do have a slight fear of being sort of unwelcomed by the customs, I've read a few things here and there very opposite about the American feeling towards the French these days. Well, keeping fingers crossed and smiling :)

Update : Back ! Awesome ! Images soon ! :)

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  1. Rail-flex says:

    Quelle chance !
    Bon voyage à vous, en espérant que les Canyons soient aussi beaux que sur les photos, et que les Américains ne fassent pas les idiots :x

    Lucky you !
    Have a good trip, and I hope that the Great Canyons are as wonderful as on the photos, and that the Americans won't be too stupid :x

  2. RaiL-FleX says:

    PS : N'oublie pas de nous ramener des photos ;)

    PS : Don't forget to bring us some pics :)

  3. Max Thrane says:

    Have a nice trip :) Hope u'll have lot of fun!

  4. Thunderbyrd says:

    G'day from Canada! I saw you stopped by my site. Tried to register on yours, but it won't let me on after I register. Very wierd.

    Hope you had a great trip to the Excited States ©

    Look forward to seeing some pics up soon!

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