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Better Feed is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to enhance your feeds with several highly customizable features.


Using a convenient interface with real time preview, Better Feed will allow you to add anything below each entry in your RSS feed. It also brings back the ability to split your feed with "Read More" links, just like your blog posts.

  • Add "Read more" links
    On your site, you can split post on two parts, teaser and body, using the tag <!–more–>. Why not have a "Read more" link as well in your feed, for longer posts, or when you want to tease and keep the surprise off the feed ?
    (By the way, while I'm at it : "summary" feeds truncated after 40 words just suck big time. Read more)
  • Add a copyright notice
    Concerned with content stealers reproducing your posts automatically somewhere without giving you credit ? Why not add something like "© Joe – 2005" and a link to some neat Creative Commons License ?
  • Add the number of comments
    When you find an interesting post via your feed reader, you often have to check the website for new comments, or to subscribe to the comment feed. Why not add, at the end of every RSS item, something like "13 comments", just like in your blog frontpage ?
  • Add a "Add to del.icio.us" link
    Let your readers bookmark your entries right from within their RSS reader
  • Add a link for incoming links in Technorati or Google
    Why not add a handy link to quickly check who's linking to your post ?
  • Add anything
    There's so many stuff you could think of that I just can't list them all :)


Download the plugin :
Extract and upload to your blog, preserving directory structure if any.
Note: download counter here and stats on wordpress.org may differ and reflect the number of downloads before this plugin was hosted on the plugin directory

Once you're done installing it, head to "Settings" and then "Better Feed". Everything is configured and tested from there.

Please note

A few things you might not get on first run that will save me some support:

  • If you include the number of comments in each feed item, be warned that some feed readers will display an item as "New" every time someone comments on it. It's normal, and it is how I intented it to behave so following conversation is easier than ever.
  • If you're using Feedburner, your feed won't immediately show changes after you've activated the plugin. To do so, go to your Feedburner Dashboard → Troubleshootize → Synchronize.
  • You won't notice any change if you're viewing your feed with your regular browser. Use a feed reader, or this simple service I set up especially for you: RSS 2 HTML


This plugin is released under the terms of the BAI & SMYF License. BAI means "Blog About It". Like the plugin? Let your readers know! SMYF stands for "Show Me Your Feed", so if you happen to use my plugin, just tell me so I can see what you've done (and maybe subscribe to your feed if it's cool !)

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    […] Better Feed(添加自定义内容到RSS), Browser Sniff(检测留言者浏览器与OS信息), Flickr Passes GFW, flickrRSS, […]

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    […] and manage Custom Fields on the fly. Better Feed allows you to enhance your feeds with several highly customisable features. […]

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    […] Better-Feed Plugin Macht bessere Feeds mit diversen Features. […]

  4. 104
    lost node » Blog Archive » W... United States »
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    […] and manage Custom Fields on the fly. Better Feed allows you to enhance your feeds with several highly customisable features. […]

  5. 105
    ectoplasmosis » EctoRSS Needs Some... United States »
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    […] been trying to change that, so we installed Better Feed, which allows us to do some other cool stuff like offer category links, permalinks and comment […]

  6. 106
    Marco Italy »
    thought, on 04/Jul/07 at 8:36 pm # :

    How insert custom field into betterfeed.php??
    I've tried:
    $string = str_replace('%%custfield%%', get_post_custom_values('key'), $string); but do not works… when recall %%custfield%% write array into feed..

  7. 107
    Ozh France »
    thought, on 04/Jul/07 at 9:31 pm # :

    Marco » what about post_custom('key') ?

  8. 108
    Marco Italy »
    wrote, on 04/Jul/07 at 9:48 pm # :

    Sorry….but Is possible insert custom field?

  9. 109
    Ozh France »
    said, on 04/Jul/07 at 10:55 pm # :

    Marco » just like I said, try the code above, replacing "get_post_custom_values" with "post_custom".

  10. 110
    Marco Italy »
    replied, on 04/Jul/07 at 11:38 pm # :

    Yeah! Works fine!! Thanks a lot Ozh

  11. 111
    WordPress Plugins & Tutorials, Priva... United States »
    pingback on 09/Jul/07 at 6:32 pm # :

    […] and manage Custom Fields on the fly. Better Feed allows you to enhance your feeds with several highly customisable features. […]

  12. 112
    tmthai.com All you need for the Website!... Thailand »
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    […] and manage Custom Fields on the fly. Better Feed allows you to enhance your feeds with several highly customisable features. […]

  13. 113
    我使用的WordPressæ... United States »
    pingback on 19/Jul/07 at 7:42 am # :

    […] Better Feed […]

  14. 114
    GnomeyNewt United States »
    replied, on 19/Jul/07 at 8:46 am # :

    I've got it up and running for my feed here:


    For those that aren't getting it to work and your using an outside provider such as FeedBurner.. you probably just have to wait till they update your feed on their end!

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    […] added another copyright notice in the footer of each post published in my site feeds (Using the Better Feed plugin) including a digital fingerprint. Not that sploggers care too much for copyrights but I had […]

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    […] Better Feed Better Feed is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to enhance your feeds with several highly customisable features. […]

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    […] Better Feed – this includes both %%posttitle%% and %%posturl%% options so you can add a SEO friendly permalink to your RSS feeds. […]

  21. 121
    设计|生活|å... United States »
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    […] 这是84昨天摆弄Better Feed时突然想到的主意,这个位置插入的一句话链接可以出售给赞助商(理想状态),或者跟不同话题领域的优秀博客以相同方式互相交换推介,如果哪位朋友有意(有意购买或者有意交换推介)可以联系84. 为了要照顾读者的感受,这个部分的广告或者推介限制为简洁的一句话,字数不作严格限制,但是最好不会超过一行. […]

  22. 122
    A little place of calm » Blog Arch... United States »
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    […] have downloaded and installed the Better Feed plugin, tinkered with it a little. I hope it will encourage my LiveJournal readers to come to my […]

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    […] WordPress Plugin : Better Feeds – Adds related posts,read more links,next page links,copyright message feed sponsorship links, no. of comments, technorati cosmos, del.icio.us links and many others to feeds. I do not use this as the bookmarking links (generated by share this plugin which i use) automatically appears in feeds, still this is a great plugin. […]

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    […] Better Feed – 自由控制feed输出,可以添加版权信息 […]

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    […] 针对RSS优化,使用Better Feed插件,在RSS中每篇文章下方超级连接显示文章分类Tag、文章版权、作者等信息; […]

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    […] Better Feed – control your feed freely, add copyright information in the end of feed. […]

  33. 133
    Obez Blog » Wordpress Plugins &... Turkey »
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    […] and manage Custom Fields on the fly. Better Feed allows you to enhance your feeds with several highly customisable features. […]

  34. 134
    shtikl.com » Please Stop Talking Germany »
    pingback on 27/Sep/07 at 8:56 am # :

    […] to any cartoon by clicking on the appropriate link under it. I even altered the RSS-feed (via the Better Feed-plugin) so you can reach the mail-function from your […]

  35. 135
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    […] WordPress Punters! For the WordPress plugin Better Feed has been updated with new features by its creator Ozh. And the new features might just improve your […]

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    […] Better Feed – Allows you to enhance your feeds with several highly customisable features. […]

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    […] and manage Custom Fields on the fly. Better Feed allows you to enhance your feeds with several highly customisable features. […]

  39. 139
    Manele Noi Romania »
    said, on 11/Oct/07 at 9:17 am # :

    I tested your plugin and is really nice. This Help me a lot with my blog! Thank You!

  40. 140
    我的WorldPress插件è... United States »
    pingback on 12/Oct/07 at 9:13 am # :

    […] Better Feed 1.1 […]

  41. 141
    Rob United States »
    wrote, on 23/Oct/07 at 7:16 am # :

    This is a great plugin. Works great with WP 2.3. You can checkout our snazy new formatted feed at http://www.neatostuff.com/


  42. 142
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    […] can do this fairly easily using Better Feed, which improves your feed in a number of ways. It […]

  43. 143
    Five Favorite Wordpress Plugins United States »
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    […] Feed PlanetOzh's plugin, BetterFeed, allows you to automatically make some neat changes to your RSS feed. Why would you care about […]

  44. 144
    http://i167.photobucket.com/albums/u131/... United States »
    pingback on 31/Oct/07 at 1:56 pm # :

    […] a FeedBurner plugin such as Better Feed WordPress plugin provide a Permalink to your post and other powerful options to personalize the […]

  45. 145
    WordPress Plugins Spotlight for 10.29.07... United States »
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    […] Better Feed – Brought to you by Ozh – this plugin puts your RSS Feed on steroids! It allows you to enhance your feeds with several highly customisable features. […]

  46. 146
    Wordpress eklentisi : Better Feed at Mav... United States »
    pingback on 05/Nov/07 at 11:19 am # :

    […] öğe kullanılarak okuyuculara bloÄŸunuza gelmeden çeÅŸitli seçenekler sunmak mümkün. WordPress eklentilerinden Better Feed ile beslemenize birçok özellik […]

  47. 147
    DazzlinDonna United States »
    wrote, on 10/Nov/07 at 9:32 pm # :

    I'm using this now on 2 blogs. For now, it's pretty plain and simple, but the reason I wanted it, was so I could occasionally give bonus material to subscribers, or put in "secret info" just for subscribers. So, when it's time for those things, I'll add that in as well.

    You can see the plain versions currently at:

    SEO Scoop feed and DazzlinDonna feed. The second one hasn't had a new post since installing the plugin, so you won't see it until at least tomorrow.

    Thanks very much for the great plugin. Just what I needed.

  48. 148
    outman China »
    wrote, on 12/Nov/07 at 9:56 am # :

    Great!Thanks for your sharing

  49. 149
    Manele Romania »
    replied, on 12/Nov/07 at 2:43 pm # :

    Thank you for this plugin! now my server is not overloaded so much and i'm happy! thank you again!

  50. 150
    24h Blog » Blog Archive » Ad... United States »
    pingback on 14/Nov/07 at 4:40 am # :

    […] Better Feed […]

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