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My latest tshirt is so insanely full of awesomeness that I will have to blog about it on a weekly basis to share how much I dig it. Seriously, every time I pass nearby a mirror, I just stop and contemplate it for 10 minutes.

I got it after @Viper007Bond mentioned a cool wallpaper which led me to search for more and find it on Red Bubble. I had it ordered within seconds, delivered within a couple of days and boy it is sweet. Quality is superb and the printing looks nice and long lasting. A nice touch on this site is that when ordered a shirt you can send a note to the artist who designed it :)

I have a few really cool tshirts, and I just love tshirts anyway (who doesn't?) so a friend suggested I maintain a simple gallery with pics of them. Will do.

Got to go, I have a complete collection of Calvin & Hobbes to read once again.

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4 Blablas

  1. 1
    Ze France »
    said, on 13/Sep/10 at 4:06 pm # :

    Mais non !! Voila c'est gagné ! Bravo !!

    Obligé d'acheter pleins de tee shirt maintenant !!

    No No No ! You won ! Bravo !

    Forced to buy full t-shirt now!

  2. 2
    Ben Kenobi France »
    replied, on 13/Sep/10 at 6:32 pm # :

    Excellent !

    It is a wonderful andfunny t-shirt :)

  3. 3
    hemostick France »
    commented, on 14/Sep/10 at 12:11 pm # :

    Oh, nice. Thanks for reminding me I need to get more C&H books.

  4. 4
    Maite Hospedaje Argentina »
    said, on 05/Oct/10 at 9:34 pm # :

    JJAJAJ I suppose cannot have no other shirt better than the one of chewiee!

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