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WordPress 2.5 basically breaking every plugin that was messing with the admin area, I have a number of plugin to update. My favorite one, Admin Drop Down Menu, is now fully compatible with the next blue thing (aka WP 2.5), but the other ones are still to be updated:

  • A fix for Absolute Comments is under way (but boy, I practically need to rewrite everything from scratch)
  • Who Sees Ads should look rather ugly but should still work fine. Anyway, a fix is under way, too.
  • I have a number of updates to publish for my other plugins, related or not with WordPress 2.5 being released. Everything is, errrm… under way :)

In other words: no need to mail or drop comments about things being odd or broken. I know this. Be patient! (Be indeed patient, I'm currently packing for skiing! \o/)

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    Denis de Bernardy France »
    commented, on 14/Mar/08 at 2:09 pm # :

    WSA: The Insert Ad buttons have disappeared from TinyMCE.

    Speaking of buttons, it would be great if, instead of a buttons, we had a dropdown (that could look a bit like the Paragraph styling button). In fact, I'd be happy to buy you a dinner if you tackled it. AdSense Deluxe used to do it (still does), though arguably that one's button won't work on WP 2.5 either due to the TinyMCE API changes.

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