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On: 2005 / 05 / 16
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There's a bugfeature in WordPress that can make MSIE sometimes willing to download a page instead of displaying it normally. Hopefully, this problem is simple to fix. Simply request the following page with your Internet Explorer :

  1. <problem blog root>/wp-admin/upgrade.php

Unless you run this file, MSIE gets fooled with blank headers (there is indeed a content-type in a <meta/> tag within the <head> section, but the web server is not returning a matching header). The "cool" thing is that this file is accessible without your being logged in the admin area of the blog. The "less cool" thing is that it's always a bit disturbing to think that anyone can request an admin file, be it harmless or not.

My advice would be that you run this file on your own WordPress blog each time you upgrade (to a beta or to a stable, any upgrade should be concluded with an upgrade.php, then delete or rename it. If you happen to visit a site that has the same problem, request the upgrade.php page, then notice via email or comment its blog owner so that he can know about this "feature" (feel free to link to this post) and can also rename or delete the file.

To be honest I thought this problem was rather well known, but obviously it's not and this needs more exposure :)

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